Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cantankerous Chivalries of Calculation kind !!!

"Treat Maths like a Lady" are the words which echo in my ears since the time i was learning 2+2 !! i can't recall who said that??but i guess i somehow ended up taking this advice a bit too seriously !!!So if a girl is that "open the door + pull the chair + take me to the opera " types, i would do exactly the same, i would never take her to the local rap contest held every Friday where people rap against each other in a language that could make even a psycho war viking weep !! And vice versa of course. The point being, i wouldn't cross the domain ever. When it comes to ladies and maths, there are no subsets, or so i thought !!!

But in the recent transport phenomena paper, i came across an integral which looked upon me as if muralitharna would look at a local five year old on the strike. But then i did the unthinkable, i broke the rule. I crossed the line, and applied a throem which before this i had applied only in algebra. In short, i treated my integral like a bitch !!!

It was like taking a cheerleader girl to the annual Mensa director's challenge contest, or taking the literature professor to the annual fan convention of the third Jedi of star wars. It was like calling a queen a "whore" on her face !!

But what followed was amazing, the answer came before i realized in five fukin steps. The arrogant and proud Integral ended up being completely submissive.

The problem with unsuccessful lovers of maths like us is that we are too conservative in ways which we try to woo her. U gotta twist HER arm a little, Let maths be the one who's helpless in front of your plethora of approaches. I read this lady's mind people, so go ahead and try whatever u want to in maths with total liberty. Next time solving a triangle, assume the equilateral, there's always one voice which told us, "fuk...look , the diagram looks like an equilateral". this claim was shut by saying that it isnt "given" that its equilateral. SO what ....90% of problems can be solved by legitimate assumptions.

I wish i read a blog like this when i was in 11th, and i also wonder if the same approach could work with difficult gals too !!! anyways, lets leave this domain for now, coz solving a complex math problem is never as complex as wooing a girl :) , Einstein solved the equations of uncertainty principle and got a Nobel, but how many dates did he get !!! see........

Mabbe by the time i end this entry I'll be eligible for "geeks gone bad" website's premium membership, but that's not the point.(Do NOT visit this website if you are under 18 !!). The point is that the way to please Maths was completely different than what i thought. One has to take liberties with her. That's what ppl who are good with it do, they play with it. How many of us do that ? I struggled with maths my entire life, i know that feeling of helplessness which creeps in when you just can't solve that question. That feeling of worthlessness......oh it's horrible. Somewhat similar to what a father feels when his kid points to a passing car as they stand on the bus stand waiting !! It can break you completely.


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