Monday, June 14, 2010

Space..........The Pursuit

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Part One : The Background and Other Crap.........(Read : Attempt to overcome writer's block)

The Struggle

We see struggles going around us all the time.Some are petty, some extremely complicated. Palestine-Israel, Darfur, Kashmir.........its everywhere. Amongst all this chaos and fuk, of the most intense struggles we can come across in our lives is the struggle to get little space on that common armrest when in a movie theater or a crowded train.

So one of these days I boarded this I walked across the aisle ....(walking the aisle,even in this context feels weird!!! ) ...ahem anyways...i saw two extremely hot babes sitting with a vacant seats between them.I prayed that Murphy, My loyal partner spares me this time and  that seat turns out to be mine ..\m/..and it did :D

My seat number was 9B...between 9A and 9C.....the seats between the hot gals.............

Murphy : How nice of you to think about me ??? having a nice mate?

Me: No chance this time dude...I have a ticket with number printed

Murphy: Owww.......I kinda like yaa u know......

This is the time wen the stewardess comes to me and tells me there has been a mistake and that I am on a wrong seat.......I show the ticket....

Hot- Insane -Tall -extreme -Oh so pretty -Stewardess :Sir ,you have to change your seat

Common -run- of- the- mill- ugly-Me :'s my ticket ...It says 9 B

I give her a "owww-honey-u- got- looks- no -brains- but" look and she smiles back

Still-Hot- Insane -Tall -extreme-Oh so pretty  -Stewardess: This seat sir, is 9E-B....coz this is near exit in this particular aircraft its numbered like this......urs is 9B..just in front of this........

I get up..I see this old aunt who's actually shouting randomly that I should be thrown off the plane coz I am on her seat..She was like  this ......And i was like this..I'm like don't worry granMa ...I feel like jumping off too

And then I see 9B ...One side there is a lil kid near the window who's taking out noises of take-off a bit louder than actual aircraft's noise.....and on the Aisle seat we got a Harley Davidson Rider kinda guy weighing around 150 kGS and appears to be a bit crazy....and he's giving me a look as if I just cursed his Mother...

I sit down in the middle ...Numb......

Murphy:It's not just you....sometimes even I wonder at times how Absou-fukin-ly awesome I am.

Me: Dude....why??? did u see those babes??? And look at this guy...and this kid...he's already thrown water on me......

Murphy: Man...common...It's not so bad..(humming the dido  "thank you" song)

Inner Conscious: .(with a chuckle)..see ...if u can go through this...u can go through any god-damn journey afterwards

Me: Don't start on that pls....Ive been getting this ..."if u can go through this." speech all my life.....anyways...Im not talking to you guys.............

Murphy and Inner Conscious doing a Hi5

Brain: You fukin sulking whining hore.......

Me : Im not talking to you either ...

Brain: *&*&*((^^$%$^

Me : Wateva....Shut Up I mean

Brain:  %$$^*^&(^^%^%%


Brain: *(*^&%&&&.....

And this is when I get a huge thud on my elbow from the rider uncle......and he conquers the armrest......I decide to fight back ...knowing very well that it could turn into THIS  . He gives me a mean stare and and gives a glance on my arm....I just slide it away.....

So I look on the other side and decide to keep my arm on the kids armrest,.....he immediately attacks me with a fork and a loud shriek...ILL KILL BOTH OF YOU........He Declares....Fat guy just glances on to the kid and makes a Peace sign....and then points a finger on me and shrugs.....Kid Shouts Again....THIS MY SPACE

And this is when I start thinking Man......It's all abt Space end of the day.....Ain't it???

Think abt the problems I mentioned in the beginning....... Palestine ,Darfur,Kashmir, The armrest...and then our career,our relationships, our ego's...It's all About Space..................

Part Two: The Space......( Read :Two Coffee - One Drink Down-@3 AM)

Time to go in Flashback .....

20 years earlier .......(Read wen Mom wore huge Sunglasses and Dad drove cars real fast)

Scene:.... I'm going for the Nursery Interview
CharactersMe and Twin sis..and Mommy

Mom :,Ok they're gonna ask you what you wanna be when you grow up .....So tell me....Wat u wanna be???

Lil Twin Sis and Me together:  I wanna be an Orange Peeler (Very Loudly ) 

We both look at each other and clap : YAYYYY

Mom actually:.... Noooo,.....No No.No...sound like normal children here for god's sakes......Amm...Tell them U wanna be an Astronaut and go into Space. 

Me : Do I get Oranges in Space?

Mom: Yes...Lots of 'em...(sigh)...

Me : Ok, then

So this is where my fascination with space started. I am not fascinated with the Universe and Stars kinda Space per se...That's just one meaning of this word.I'm in awe of this word actually........ Space..............

Space,With its original meaning is an entity which is absolutely devoid of any foreign existence in it.When Matter starts existing in gets polluted. Space me, is the absolute purity.Matter, Gravity, Energy, Light....all are basically thriving "In" the space.

Nothing can exist if there is no space. Nothing. But space on other hand,exists, in it's unquestionable divinity, totally on it's own. 

I'm surprised there is no religion based on this?? There are instances When God's existence can be questioned...but's Unquestionable.....and It cannot be destroyed. Because even if everything present in the universe is destroyed...we'll have empty blank space....pure space....pure canvas....but Space will be there. Just like before Big - Bang.

It has the tendency to keep itself shrouded even when it's the most important ingredient of our existence.

I started this entry writing about struggles. Each and every struggle boils down to struggle of existence. Struggle of Existence on the other hand is basically perseverance of Space. We got a fancy name for's called "evolution"

Struggle to deal with space exists all around us. in Art, in Science, In Archtecture for that matter, it all boils down to how you make use of the given space.
After I started thinking about Space...I couldn't help but notice how ingeniously space is dealt with in Arts .

Space has been a major concern in art throughout recorded history. This discussion can go back to Times when 
Renaissance art grew out of its ability to use perspectival techniques to create the illusion of three-dimensional space on the walls.

But....Dear Reader.....I'd like to introduce you here to Salvador Dali.One of my favorite Artists. As soon as i started thinking about Art and Spaces......First name which came in my mind was of Dali. Of course I agree that as far as revolutionizing the spatial concepts is concerned, C'ezzanne's name should come first......but I like WTF.

A radically different treatment of space is found in the work of Salvador Dali. Although he began painting in the early part of the century, he is a part of a second wave, being of a later generation. Trained in traditional methods of representation, at the Academy in Madrid, Dali had studied and mastered the techniques used to render classical physical space and forms. 

Nonetheless, like many of the early Surrealists, his work offered him a means to question rational notions of reality. As a result, his paintings offer yet another example of how the concept of space was being re-considered and explored.

Ive been obsessed with Dali's "Persistence of memory" for years now.I think it was there in Mom's room.

 The melting watches here symbolize the irrelevance of time. The orange clock at the bottom left of the painting is covered in ants. Dali often used ants in his paintings as a symbol for death, as well as a symbol of female genitalia. 

The central character fades away into space. 

In order to emphasize the Importance of space,Dali came up with another rendition of this masterpiece. Aptly named as "

‘Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory’ 

In the later painting, matter itself is coming apart, revealing its constituent blocks and the void under the surface of the water.

The fact that constituent of matter is shown in form of small cubes is in sync wit the the wave-particle duality of quantum mechanics, which is intimately related to the nature of space itself in its post-Newtonian conceptualization.

Dali through this paintings stresses the ultimate truth.....The disintegration of everything, including time......leads us to space. The indestructible.

Anything which cannot be created or destroyed is Omega Awesome. And That's why I'm in awe of "The Space"

-Kunal Mathur

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Differential Calculations of Life

I was watching a show on Special Forces last night and there was this Hard Ass-Face Rippin SAS agent who was giving a first hand account of a hostage mission he carried out in Africa.At the end of Oh-my-Gawd-Wat-D-F account of his,when asked were there any regrets,he said he received the orders to airdrop in Africa on a Sunday Morning which kinda sucked.That's all.Plain Face.He was badass like that.

My friend from the Army called up then.He tells me in Sub Zero temperatures he becomes excited if skin doesn't come off with his socks.All of them long for removing their socks in a normal way !!

My neighbour's kid for that matter has been drinking Bournvita hysterically coz he wanna grow up fast and bash me up.He thinks i drove over his Zoo Zoo soft toy intentionally.

Each one of us,is in a race to move forward.To evolve.One little step at a time.It's our pursuit of achieving that something extra which drives us.And this little "extra" thing which we are trying to achieve perhaps determines our reality as an Individual.

SAS Special unit Maj BadAss I mentioned longs for that relaxed weekend,the humble soldier on the other hand is just trying to take off his socks properly.Every day for that lil neighborhood kid is a fight coz he wanna see me howling in pain.

What drives you? It's that little extra what you try to achieve which defines you.And this pursuit is continuous.It's your choice which makes you what you are.

This is how the Universe is defined and structured.The fabric of time is woven on this small gap which needs to be filled all the time.In our Mathematical realm,we call it delta.....the differential.

I introduce you here to the concept of "differential of life".That "little" step which you strive to improve  yourself.Any change in your life for that matter.That is your "Differential".

This differential in our life in its weird way is closely linked with the concepts of Destiny and Free Will.
The "Situations" we land on,could in a way depend on destiny.But what you choose as your next step in that situation will be your own choice,your will.

That is why,the differential according to me is such a beautiful concept.Anything which you decide to do out of your own free will will always be the litmus test for your identity.The steps you decide to take to move forward reflect you in your purest form.

I'll explain it this way,take the case of Subhash Chandra Bose.he belonged to very prosperous family and went to study in the Fitzwilliam Hall,University of Cambridge.He apparently stood second in the prestigious Indian Civil Services Exam.Maybe his destiny brought him to this juncture.But from where he stood,Leading an extremely lavish life was definitely an option.He could have choosen this option out of his own sweet free will.What he chose instead,is known to all of us.And the point will always be known.

Life is all about taking decisions in situations created by destiny.I tried to analyse myself through this test.What I realized was that i just don't take decisions.I've just been existing lately.I failed miserably.

This perhaps would be the case with most of us.We just sit back and let the destiny steer our life in whichever direction it blows.

Very few of us use the oars of free will to control the life's boat.Those who do.....achieve.....evolve.

It's this small difference which is the source of everything.The little difference in energy perhaps initiated the process of big bang, the difference in temperatures cause winds,differences in pressure/temperature cause ocean currents, difference in opinions cause arguments and ideas, differences in ideologies cause religion and revolutions.Only when difference of a current state from an apparent better state is realized,does the evolution happen.

Oblivion and state of rest my friends,is analogous to death.

All the permutations and combinations we come across.....the confusions..... the problems...... the complexities...all the uncertainties form the equation of life.Just like the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in the equation of energy........ the scope of randomness and dynamism always are present in the equation of life.

The finality...the the death.The surest form of rest.Beyond which there is no differential left to achieve.
Minimizing the extent of achievements probably could be linked to the pursuit of Nirvana.A state where there is no scope left for further want of improvement.You differential tends to Zero.He who achieves this,a state where no more perfection "can" be the supreme being.The God.

What is the differential in life you are trying to achieve ?? Or is it that you stopped that struggle to get the difference in your life??? the courage to take that little step.......Is it gone???

Time's running out.

-Kunal Mathur

Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Sentence Stories-3

"You're not sending my son to the front,ok?",She snapped as the decorated General looked onto her helplessly just like the time when she left him in college before the war.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Block" the talk.........

Writing is a lot like entrepreneurship, (that is..if you are writing for yourself and not for sponsors/job etc). You can take your own decisions, be your own Shakespeare and decide "to be or not to be ". But what is infinitely more cool about writing is the situation of having a "Mental Block". One feels like a King.Decide your Block when you want to ;).

All sorts of excuses are thrown around,some very apparent and genuine,some outrightly unbelievable. But ya...there are times when you just can't help but have a Mental block..

Lemme Explain........

Options Available
Your are in a prison working on a bestseller.But you share your cell with a 7 feet cannibal,who comes and politely asks your weight, when you tell   him its 74, He humbly requests you to inform him when you reach 76 KG.

On checking his find all his victims were above 75 Kgs.
Either Diet, Gym and stay below 75 Kgs......Or keep writing your novel as your cellmate gives you his share of meal as well. And insists on adding Extra Butter.

Can you blame the Mental Block??

Yuri Alkowski...Siberian Penitentiary..Prisoner #23221

Options Available
There are millions of Cult Extremists who have issued a FATWA against you which basically boils down to a large group wanting to play football with your severed head !!!!
Write an Application to security agencies
requesting security and try to run into exile in some remote country.......OR....Just Continue Writing..........
Hence the Mental Block ...

@ Uber Pissed Dude#Mental Block

Options Available
You are a soldier who is thrown wasted in a bunker for months. You keep writing for four months when one night firing starts
Either hold your Pen.....
...or your helmet...
...See you in hell..mate.

 Tht's right... Independent writers have attitude like tht#AwesomeFun

Leaving the Royal breed of Writer's aside, we all have our mental blocks, don't we?

Some of us got the block in exams,others when on stage.I,for one, get a mental block after 5.67 mins of flirting with a girl.The time limit decreases exponentially as the degree of looks rise.

Anyways...point is,I am going through a mental block.Or rather have decided to have one.And I have a "genuine" reason.I saw a Dog getting food for it's pups.....There we go...I'm so touched....I'm not writing for another three four years..........Meh!

Friday, March 26, 2010


We would go together to school
On that Rickety Cycle
I might own a Jet one day,doesn't matter
I had the ride of my life already

I would be feeling low,then I'd see her
the mystic smile would appear on my face from nowhere
My mask might keep laughing with you
But I've had my smiles already

I don't know why,but I was made to watch her go
I wept
None of you can peep behind my dry eyes
I've had my share of tears already

And then I saw her again,this time as a stranger
I went Numb
I don't know who lives with you in my disguise
I've embraced my death already

I never asked "Why?" ,but realized I wasn't enough
It felt empty
The devil hunts for my soul,and so do the Gods
But I lost my soul,

Kunal Mathur

Friday, March 19, 2010


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Sentence Stories-2

 "What do you mean i wont get dinner? I just tripped the glass while keeping the sword back !!" Faceless Ninja whined as his wife continued to give him the angry stare."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One Sentence Stories

Most of my posts come after a lot of deep thinking,and only if i feel very strongly about something.Something which hovers around the realm of "Awesomeness" "

But why should we come up with long paragraphs going blah blah about what "we" feel?

What if i trimmed a story short?

"How Short?" my inner self smirks at me.

One Sentence perhaps? leave the rest on imagination. Something like "Vini Vidi Vici",What say? :P

So here's my try on it...lemme know wat you feel about the concept?

One Sentence Stories: "He heard somewhere she was dying,He immediately rolled his wheelchair to the phone and asked the doctor for a heart replacement,his wife looking on in amazement."


Monday, March 8, 2010

Random Sketches :P

Got hold of a black Gel pen today.......And hence the Random Sketches :P

Random Sketch :D

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Last Straw !!

Read this status update on my friend Saumya's Facebook Profile :
"Yesterday I was drinking out of a cup with a straw. As I went for a sip, the straw went to the other side of the cup, so I decided to not use it. I went to take a regular sip, when the straw swung back around and poked me in the eye. I'm sorry I offended you, Straw."
Awesome.And you "like".I know.

Point being,it got me thinking.I kind of instantly looked upon it as a metaphor.The straw signifying the unrest.......

This is what happened in Russian Revolution.It was the revolt of the hungry masses.They had enough of being sidelined,and they stuck the Tsar in the eye.


This perhaps is the way of of nature.Way of creation, to be more precise. Tranquil Chunk of Mass lay undisturbed before the beginning of time, and then suddenly there was the Big Bang ! and the creation of Time and Universe started.

"Surreal Depiction of Time-The orange clock at the bottom left of the painting is covered in ants. Dali often used ants in his paintings as a symbol for death, as well as a symbol of female genitalia."

So there we go, Is it that unrest always leads to creation????

What then.....leads to unrest?

A creation of something which is not acceptable, like creation of indifference and ignorance caused the straw to poke Saumya's eye, that was the same reason why Big Bang happened i suppose. Vicious cycle, no?

The disorder is necessary though. Time and again we need the disorders of disproportionate magnitudes to create a situation which "seems" appropriate at that point of time.Rebellions and Wars are glaring examples. It's like a Monk breaking his trance to protect what he perceives is worth  the disorder.

What about us? when do we plan to get that disorder in our lives? We all continue to be the straws pushed aside.........Our aims, our ambitions, our likes, dislikes, love, need, wants, friends.......everything changing according to the fluctuations in  time, our surroundings ! It's this thing called "Time" and "Circumstance" which prevent us from doing what we want to, always wanted to.

What  we forget is.....even  "Time"...which governs everything in our lives (not saying"every moment of life" on purpose :P).....had to "cause" an unrest as terrible as the "Big Bang" to come into existence.

Maybe it IS our time to poke the eye!!!

Maybe we've had our last straw.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rural Roars in Urban Utopia-A photo essay {Extreme Randomness}

Nostalgia at times forces me to observe things which otherwise nobody would. Some Random Roars in todays Urban Jungle.

No Comments. Isi Mein hai Dam.

(JebKatri, ROTFL) All you feminists out there,does this offend you or please you? I'm curious :P

Good Looking people get special discount from a particular bhaisaab in the saloon.

This is my fave

Random Book at Station. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Silent Wordsmith

I was reading Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats the other day.It basically assigns a particular emotion to each colored hat and that's used to takes decisions and blah blah. Point being, I was wondering whether it is always possible to identify an emotion?


Most of the times we can, In fact we could break our day according to the way we felt at each point of time.
But there are times when you just can't describe what you feel? And it's not that I don't feel anything at that point of time, I'm swept by a sea of emotions, but i just can't put it into words!!

It's that intense feeling I feel, My lower jaw trembles, I feel cold, Eyes wide open.....Everything around seems to move in a slow motion, the sounds echo, I am closest to myself at that point of time.That....... in fact is all I that i can identify for sure!! being closest to myself.

I felt this way when I sang on stage the first time.I didn't want anything else at that moment,I could've died and wouldn't have complained. When I finished,It all went silent for a few seconds, and the light was blinding and couldn't see anything.And then i suddenly heard the roar of the crowd,I stood there Numb....totally incapable of grasping the feeling.

And I felt this way once in an exam, when my twin's seat was suddenly changed. It was a trade off, I was supposed to complete my paper before time and and show it her.She was supposed to be seated exactly behind me.I saw the paper,it was a MATHS paper for god's sake......all that which wasn't supposed to happen; happened.I was blank and Numb,the same kinda emotion which can't be described basically.Somewhere near fear maybe.
Anyways,when results came,i got 56/100, she got 78 !! Apparently even in class 4th she knew the importance of backups.

I felt this kind of trembling feeling,impossible to explain when I won the All Asia quiz by a tie breaker,I felt this when i heard suddenly that my buddy having rum with me on that chilly night lost his father.

Situations change,feeling remains the same.It sometimes hovers around sorrow,sometime near escalation !! Maybe the pursuit of Grand Unification Theory [Also called the "Theory of everything] should start from here.

She walked into the room that day,and I was instantly in the trance mode.I just stood there, unable to comprehend what was happening.It was like someone had increased the brightness suddenly in my life.That feeling,hovered around inadequacy.Everyone in that room felt sad that they belonged to the same species as her.She exudes that kind of superiority in her surreal humble way.Whatever pinnacle I had imagined for myself in my Utopian reveries.....would still not be able make me enough even to stand near her.I think the feeling of attraction inched towards reverence. And I so damn very knew that i'd still feel the same when we both would be old, and I'd be watching her from afar. I just know.

..[Awkward face]...Ahem....anyways......feels nice to run out of words at times.Why do we need to be able to clearly define everything in the first place? I have a problem with that.

I think the more profound a feeling is,the more difficult it gets to define it in words.


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