Saturday, August 31, 2013

Noodle Noose

Delhi Rape case first verdict will be out anytime now. Accused is a juvenile and maximum possible sentence he can get for his heinous crime is 3 years. In a matter of hours facebook walls, news, TV is going to get a flood of messages saying we need to hang these culprits. 

Hanging is being advocated with the point that it will install fear in other prospective criminals. I say even if all these five accused were hanged tonight it wouldn't make a difference. Crimes will diminish when people have fear of law in general. Ground reality is that we are reminded how fickle the law is on everyday basis. The powerful and the rich are able to twist and use the law as they please. And "God" Forbid if you have a public support then you have a sort of a "immunity". It's because no political party will dare to mess with its potential vote bank. 

People need to realize the supremacy of the law of the land. That is what we need to demand. We need to demand dignity of an individual. We need to draw lines on how far one would go to achieve one's aim. How far would the governments go to reserve their votes?

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Faust in the Front

How far would one go to achieve one's aim? How devious can means get, to reach the desired end? Every single policy decision these days makes me question the timing. The food bill is so audacious I don't even know where to begin with.I read that off the 67,000 crore fuel subsidy 30,000 Cr will now go to Food Subsidy. How and Why are these landmark paradigm shifting decision being taken when elections already have one foot on the doormat?
Successful Election campaign is basically effective manipulation of public mindset it seems. This is the reason why no stone is left unturned. They are in the cinema now.Next for all I know, Saas Bahu's will talk on screen about amazing Government we have.
Teachers are using Barrels of insecticides to cook food for kids. Doctors push in Saline water instead of life saving vaccines to save money. Defence buys substandard weapons. Bureaucrats touch feet of Mafia Politicians for a transfer.

How Far would one go to reach one's aim? How is everything turning into a Faustian Exchange where the soul is the first thing to leave the scene?

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Mystical Mammoths in the Mansion

I have never advocated for religion to be a part of politics in anyway. It's when politics become a part of religion when things touch the live wire. I was watching the debate on #BarkhaDutt 's Show and it was surprising to see that politicians simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that religion is a motivation factor for terrorists. The only guy to stand ground was Subramanian Swamy. In fact, Mani Shankar Aiyar even refused to acknowledge existence of Indian Mujahideen,calling it "mystical". He repeatedly kept talking about how army and intelligence agencies were callous and "innocent" muslim youth is being targeted. This was his response to arrest of #yasinbhatkal !! 

Just because election is round the corner you will start giving demotivating comments about intelligence agencies? Intelligence agencies and Army deserve a pat on the back from everyone. How is it that these politicians in the guise of supporting minority end up question the basic intelligence of an Indian Muslim? Does an average Muslim not know that Yasin Bhatkal is a terrorist? Does an average Muslim deny the existence of organizations like IM? It's similar to me being a Hindu and denying the existence of Hardline Hindu extremists. Do we do that? 


These politicians are trying to create a rift between us with asinine comments. 

If policymakers dealing with the chaotic problem of terrorism refuse to even acknowledge the very cause of the problem, solution can never reached.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Unequal House

One critical aspect of Mumbai rape is that henceforth everyone will think twice before sending their daughter to an unconventional field like Photography, Journalism or NGO's.
A normal Indian woman leads her life in the prison consisting of Home-Office-Car-Mall/Restaurant. It's almost that this girl was punished was for breaking this cage. Almost every woman I know accepts this cage as her free world.
It kills me to write this but I feel that if you are born as an Indian Man you live in a totally different nation which has more freedom. I wouldn't think twice before walking inside that abandoned Mill to do some photography. I could right now at 2 AM drive to India Gate and take a walk. I could catch the next local bus to an unknown village in Himachal. 
Why is it that I am petrified to even think about my sister doing the same?
When will we start living in the same country? 
When will we be equals??

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