Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Block" the talk.........

Writing is a lot like entrepreneurship, (that is..if you are writing for yourself and not for sponsors/job etc). You can take your own decisions, be your own Shakespeare and decide "to be or not to be ". But what is infinitely more cool about writing is the situation of having a "Mental Block". One feels like a King.Decide your Block when you want to ;).

All sorts of excuses are thrown around,some very apparent and genuine,some outrightly unbelievable. But ya...there are times when you just can't help but have a Mental block..

Lemme Explain........

Options Available
Your are in a prison working on a bestseller.But you share your cell with a 7 feet cannibal,who comes and politely asks your weight, when you tell   him its 74, He humbly requests you to inform him when you reach 76 KG.

On checking his find all his victims were above 75 Kgs.
Either Diet, Gym and stay below 75 Kgs......Or keep writing your novel as your cellmate gives you his share of meal as well. And insists on adding Extra Butter.

Can you blame the Mental Block??

Yuri Alkowski...Siberian Penitentiary..Prisoner #23221

Options Available
There are millions of Cult Extremists who have issued a FATWA against you which basically boils down to a large group wanting to play football with your severed head !!!!
Write an Application to security agencies
requesting security and try to run into exile in some remote country.......OR....Just Continue Writing..........
Hence the Mental Block ...

@ Uber Pissed Dude#Mental Block

Options Available
You are a soldier who is thrown wasted in a bunker for months. You keep writing for four months when one night firing starts
Either hold your Pen.....
...or your helmet...
...See you in hell..mate.

 Tht's right... Independent writers have attitude like tht#AwesomeFun

Leaving the Royal breed of Writer's aside, we all have our mental blocks, don't we?

Some of us got the block in exams,others when on stage.I,for one, get a mental block after 5.67 mins of flirting with a girl.The time limit decreases exponentially as the degree of looks rise.

Anyways...point is,I am going through a mental block.Or rather have decided to have one.And I have a "genuine" reason.I saw a Dog getting food for it's pups.....There we go...I'm so touched....I'm not writing for another three four years..........Meh!


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