Saturday, December 7, 2013


Ideally we are all friends on facebook , whatsapp etc and we are in "touch". Which means apart from occasional likes and all that we don't really talk with each other. Who has the time? So this is fine.

Now when You really like a person you have to go OUT OF YOUR way to act cool and not really talk much.First of all "You don't ADD the person you like on your FB". The whole calculation of "How many you wrote vs How many she replied" comes into play. Now if you like someone more than your non-existent facebook list you obviously want to talk more to them than you do with your non existent facebook list.

Try doing that.

You are labelled frustrated, despo, weird , at best : awkward.

I sometimes feel the only conversations which are cool are the ones which have "‪#‎Indifference‬" as the dominating emotion. "Nthn Much, Good for you, Yeah cool, Do what you gotta do, Hmm, yeah, I guess......." These kinda indifferent expressions which can be interpreted as "I dont give a fuck if you drop dead" are the ones which are normal. Plain Silence I guess is the going Fad these days. Just go silent on someone who pinged, its cool. The one who pings is a lame one anyway.

Have an iota, an infinitesimal emotion attached to a conversation and it's basically ‪#‎Awkward‬.

This post in itself makes me qualified for being lame enough to lament. I have had problem embracing indifference. I hate to do it but I am now going to do it.

The Star

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bland Tea Party

Now that there is panic everywhere

Lets put words to this glare.
Soon there will be blood on the street 
Touching the knight's hair.
There might be no room for greetings
At least extend a scare?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Unfinished Symphony

Talking about unfinished stories, I am afraid I am becoming almost a Ninja at it. Everything I scribble, I leave it unfinished. Since I've met you and your unfinished story kept the memories so vivid in my mind, Ive wondered if I should even try to finish anything I write? Every moment which has an unfinished story, I remember everything about it.
It's because a lot times Ive wanted to go back that to that moment and ask what happens next. My mind doesn't let go of it.
Are we not, You and I.....Unfinished stories? Everybody around us, are unfinished stories. That is precisely why its beautiful, this concept, it leaves uncertainty in the air.It's life.
Completed stories are like dead corpses, their story has ended.
Is it this romance I have with the unfinished which stops me from finishing what I write?
Perhaps it does.


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