Monday, August 24, 2015

Dread is probably the biggest factor one has to come to terms with. I do not want to call it an enemy because just like procrastination ...dread comes so naturally to me that it has to be divine. Something so divine has to truly be pure. Like anger. It is the dread....the overwhelming frame of our task which retrains us. I know the solution to this. I'm not getting a dime for saying this because we all fucking know the way around this . *break the tasks into small small parts and execute it in small steps* Ya right. I know it. You know it. Grandpa kniws it. Neighbours dog knows it. I could use the magic bullet of calling it *utopian* and shoot this thought down. If love is one of the biggest reason why souls die.. .this word *utopian* has to be the biggest reason why thoughts die. But this is hardly utopian.I know people who do this. Breaking tasks into little pieces and executing it like me ninjas. Like.....they don't procrastinate a d they are unaffected by dread. Period Who are these people ? They are successful. They have this ability to have a one track mind. This is the key...they are able to shut everything off for that one thing which they want so bad. It's not that there is no distraction ...its more like they are incapable of spending their time/interest in anything else other than that one task they have their eyes set on. So cool. Then there is this lot....Us. When a doctor who has just seen a death walks back home through a garden... He will not notice the crunchy leaf in the sidewalk and the butterflies. Broke artist who woke up late and sipped coffee and is on his on his way to meet someone he truly wants to ....he will notice the butterfly. He will take that extra step to the side to step on that crunchy life. There is no other way to walk that road. He, is distracted. Now don't think I am romanticizing the slowly walking artist's distraction. There is this element of self destruction in people who have no focus. There is this element of self destruction in people who do not have this overwhelming desire of succeeding and doing well. Of growing and moving forward in every domain of life. Why are we like this? #QuixoticQuagmires #amwriting

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Twitter Experiments: Real Time Amateur Pics vs HD Professional Pics

Crux:I shared 1200 top rated pics with the tags #InstaPassport and #Travel from Instagram on my twitter, and the response is that while no of favorites have gone up significantly, we had a marginal fall in engagement.
People want to "like" pictures and leave, but not share it


Objective: Idea was to share picture cards of real images shared by travelers which have already done well on instagram.

Will the real travel images do better than wallpaper kinds HD we normally share?

Are people ready to retweet images?


1200 top rated pics from the hashtags #Instapassport and #Travel on instagram were shared as picture tweets on twitter wall.

Time period: 7 days

Audience: I have about 763 followers, out of which almost 70% followers are related to the travel domain.



  1. Engagement rates have fallen down over this period from 1% to 0.6%
  2. No of favorites on an average have increased from 18 per day to 41. (Number of tweets had also increased significantly, thus the number of favorites was expected to increase.)

Key Reading:

While people acknowledge photos from travelers, number of retweets remained the same. People do not want to "Share" the pics, they want to just "like" it and leave

Next Step
Now that some pattern for traveler pics is here, I will be sharing HD pictures from
sources like reddit Earth porn, National geographic and 500px. Aim will be to see impact of professional HD images on the audience..

Sunday, August 2, 2015


What is it like to be in love?What is it like to consciously avoid it like I do ?

Waking up on a beautiful rainy sunday morning like today and stepping out in the balcony for a brief second alone, and then realizing how bad you need her there on that spot at that very moment. So you go to her and try to cuddle her out from the sheet as she lashes out her soft yet subtle resent. You drag her out to the balcony where two cups of tea are ready.

This doesn't happen with me.

So I step out of the balcony and then get in front of the mirror checking out my new shirt, whistling.#ActingAllCool

When you are sitting for hours in a relatively dark patch of the library and one of those friends you make in library with whom you never really speak to but acknowledge each others dependence on books, gets up and parts a shade for you and suddenly your dark corner is filled with foggy beautiful rainy evening sunlight. You want to just turn your head around and reach out to her and kiss her to celebrate this moment. You will never tell her why, you will just kiss.

This doesn't happen with me

So I just close the book I am reading and pick up a magazine instead, humming #ActingAllCool

When you are walking a street and you see this little girl walking with her dad, suddenly breaking into a very happy dance. I don't know what is it about little girls and their breaking into a happy dance at random points. Its the happiest sight in the whole world. So you see this little girl and the heart is overwhelmed with joy to the extent that its uncontrollable. So at this point you just reach out to your love and hold her hands.It would be impossible to live that moment without holding her hands. Of course, you don't tell her why you holding her hands, its just holding hands right?

This doesn't happen with me.

So I just walk a little faster and give a little twitch to the pony tail of the little girl , or I make an airplane with my hand and make it fly just above her head making a mean machine sound. The little child breaks out a very loud giggle and ducks. I know the child is looking at me and smiling but I dont look back at her. I cant #ActingAllCool

Its amazing how when you are in love you see beauty in little mundane things. It amzing how when you are consciously avoiding it, you still see the beauty but this time its like caution. Like spotting enemy snipers and then making efforts to avoid it.
But we are the same, those in love and those who avoid it. We see it.

We see it all.



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