Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Somewhere I Belong..........

We all come across situations where we have the immediate "I don't belong here" reaction. This could be near that vindictive boss of yours,maybe with that hysterically bitchy and depressingly dark humoured group, maybe when you are listening to same old story of ur childhood e^10098! th time from your grandma ...{and certainly on this blog ! } ....

Whatever.............the point is such instances are easy to identify. Have you ever tried to describe your version of utopia in specifics...ever?

For some it'll be easy........1 Hectare of farm and world class Marijuana  on it pls...thank you. Some people like Mr Cameron go ahead and spend $500 million to make a visual world called Pandora !

I think for most of us it'll be a complicated process. It's amalgamation of bits and pieces from a lots of location.

Being the geek that i am, I am trying to undertake this herculean task in a scientific manner. You have to decide a  totally new co-ordinate systems and totally new dimensions, where we are taking the TIME and EXPERIENCE as our referral points. (By now it must be quite clear that  I suck in  maths and that its a disgrace to conventional mathematics to redefine dimensions !! :P )

What are the instances which made me feel that "THIS IS WHERE I BELONG !!"? What will form my utopia: lets see .....

Times when I am with my closest friend's.......laughing away to glory. Humor levels reach unimaginable heights..A height unknown to everyone I know....and the location axis is an obscure mountain right in the heart of the city which was an accidental  discovery ! nobody knows that location except our group.....It's there in car with these guys when I get my Utopian moment......The sounds of laughter start echoing on a low pitch...and time slows down, everything's in a slow motion......

....I guard these times with the gang with my life ! There is no money which can get you the experience i m  can relate to it only if you have or have had a truly special set of friend's.

  • On  stage......with mike in my hand..........I wanted to sing in front of a mad  crowd since childhood.....and I did that in front of 2000 extremely mad and insane crowd.And then i did it again...and then again  :P.........I sang "she fukin hates me"....I could have died there on stage and still wouldnt complain....I "fukin" loved it

  • IRODOV.......this russian dude deserves an entire entry for himself....thts later......those of you who thought of physics as an art know the pedestal of this book. This book had the most badass "ill suck your blood u limp whore" problems of physics in it. And every problem took you to a different world altogether.........the kind of feeling which use to get in the initial days of solving irodov's problem succcessfuly was "sorrry, no adjective found" feeling. I wanted to spread my my hands and run around the house shouting.........It's definately a part of my Utopia

  • Moments which ive experienced travelling alone................Once when I hitchiked my way to another city on the back of a truck..with other villagers ...It was a mixed feeling....."THis is awesome"+"I dont belong here".......this boils down to ..."WHY DON'T I BELONG HERE " .....and i'm repenting why i declined the offer to  marry that tattooed gal called Jalebi on the back of the  truck that day. :D

  • The moments when during the impossibly difficult paper, the topper guy in front nudged just a bit so that i could get a glimpse ;) ...........during one of those papers where i sat blankly staring at the fan ....I had calculated that keeping the weight and hence the width of the guy in front constant....I could see the entire paper if he turned just 11.5 degrees to the left..................If i were a X man.....copying paper from behind in situations impossible to others would be my power !

The list will obviously continue...........What makes your utopia btw :P

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Key" to the "bored"..keyboarding

Early mornings perhaps are the best to write something.Add winters to the scene and its better ! It's difficult to blog for old fashioned ppl like me,i still am more comfortable writing than typing, or lets just say i still am able to distinguish between the two :P my twin co-relates writing instantly to typing, and pen paper is some non-existent entity for her which is used sporadically to sign on credit card bills !

From the look of it this looks like a long entry, and quite honestly thts is exactly wat i planned. But, i think ill sketch something instead ! (where's my pencil?)

Maybe one day ill upload scans of my written journal  !


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