Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This Sandwich is served with WonderLand Slice and Less Sanity.

Alice was walking confused and Hatter was sharpening a knife by roadside. Alice looks at the weird rabbit and immediately decides his side of the road is not the way to go. She tells Cat she is lost and Cat replies "But this is not wonderland and You are not Alice" 

Alice kills the cat, feed it to hatter and they kiss.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Climate Change: Tibet

This is a part of the volunteer work I did for the CONTACT magazine, in McLeodganj.

Climate Change: Tibet
*representation of detailed article by Leslie Hook in the September 2, 2013 at Financial Times/

Here is a quick Fact: One in five people in the world get their water from river systems that are linked to the Tibetan plateau.

Tibetan plateau governs the Asian weather system, brewing the monsoonal rains each summer and steering westerly wind currents. Its lakes, glaciers and wetlands act like a huge water tower for all of Asia. Quite rightly, the plateau is often referred to as “The Third Pole“  by the scientists.

Climate change has gripped the Tibetan plateau with fervor. Just like the North Pole, the Tibetan plateau has been warming much faster than the rest of the world over the past 50 years. In fact, Of the 46,000 glaciers on the Tibetan plateau, many are shrinking.

Signs of global warming surfaced in 1980s and 1990s. The plateau observed severe impacts in ecological balance. Lakes started drying up, Pika mammals populations increased at exponential scales. Valuable resources such as caterpillar fungus: a medical aphrodisiac often referred to as “Himalyan Viagra” has been depleting.

In 1997, the Yellow River dried up over a 700km stretch. – it lasted more than eight months.

While the impact of global warming is apparent, the government and the locals seem to be in a clear disagreement over pointing out the cause.

In order to deal with the massive impact of climate change, a region known as the “Three River Source”, or Sanjiangyuan in Chinese was identified by the government and it began to come up with policies to protect it.

The government decided that the region’s traditional Tibetan herders had to go.
Across all Tibetan areas more than 600,000 nomadic herders have been moved into government-built towns and are given stipends. Herders say the government stipend is barely enough to live on.

Aggressive steps by the state include use of toxins to control pika, setting up of fences at grazing grounds and even artificial rains.  

More and more research has shown that the science behind the state’s aggressive policies is misguided or incomplete. The government has already spent more than a billion dollars on “restoring” the plateau.
The government however, is ready with the next plan of Rmb20 billion. It will intensify its aggressive invasive policies. The locals for now have little choice but to adapt.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

On boredom

Now that I am not under constant idiotic deadlines, I experience what one can never envisage while trapped in a cubicle running towards targets : Boredom!

Immediately a lot of people will argue that in spite of being busy and overworked they feel a constant undercurrent of boredom. Maybe, but I am talking about more direct forms here. Like waiting in a line at a dentist's, that kinda boredom.

Experiencing boredom can be due to a lack of a routine. Perhaps breaking of a routine.

Thing is, One starts thinking when bored. About his identity, his essence. People then get into remorse and hatred. Self Hatred to be more precise.

They get evil.

Empty mind is devil's workshop. Isn't empty mind also like meditation? Like Buddha. He achieved Nirvana by meditation. Meditation requires you to be indifferent to your surrounding and your fellow beings while you meditate with your inner self.

How Selfish? Is Buddha and the other sages then the most selfish people ever to exist?

Being a Hermit or a Sociopath Criminal are extremities which stem from same causality, an excessive free mind.

Both are same. Both swim in Insanity.


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