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Monday, August 1, 2016

And some extra sugar too. I needed it all. #quixoticquagmires #Amwriting #rains #mondays #DifficultConversations

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"Reality irritated him and kept him in constant fear." I am reading the short story by #Chekhov sitting in my balcony on this rainy evening and it talks about this man who is loner and he escapes by teaching dead foreign languages. I wonder why we get this option of escaping from reality. for some it's alcohol for some it's travelling. For me, it's art. This is like an umbrella which forms between you and your reality. art is like my umbrella which keeps me away from from my reality. why should we have this option of to live in this escapist parallel world? And so how do you then lead your life with someone who is a realist. Maybe I need someone who is ready to join in my world while living in the real world at the same time. Do I want someone who would drag me to this rea world..I don't know. I was reading this thing about eternity in hell and someone mentioned that eternity in hell would one day leave the torments of hell to be your normality . perhaps living long enough in reality makes the wretchedness and the torment of hell and reality your normality. I don't want this I want life that is real and normal. I want my life to be like that old guy having a cycle in France singing songs in the wrong accent and hopelessly fall in love every fucking single day. I'm in for trouble. For sure.#quixoticquagmires by Kunal Mathur. 1 August 2016. Balcony at home

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