Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Random Renditions Of Rapturous Kind

First of all, i confess that i dont have any idea why i have given the title which i gave, but then i guess its allowed for someone who has no idea of even his existence !! perhaps its as random as this entry, or my day for that matter.

so much for the lame starting, if you are still reading , you have a good heart, and if you plan to any further , you are actually an angel, its just that you didnt know it.

I am listening to kurt cobain right now, and i realize that he is more random than my blogs could ever be, but i also realize that people like random stuff at times.

I got straight D's in my writing classes because they told that i couldn't focus on a single theme, but i ask that was your day today on a single theme.life my friends is never on a single theme, it keeps changing, every hour. They told i should forsee my ending of the article as soon as i begin to write, can you forsee whats gonna happen tommorow in ur life ? my writing is my life , and i cannot forsee anything. My writing style is the style god used to make universe, random !!

i have thinking about writing since quite a while now, 4 years to be precise, and today i was wondering why i didnt write when this is so much the thing i want to do, and when i started recollecting the reasons, i found the dreaded quality once again, all the rasons were random. Try to point out a thing you have always wanted to do but didnt and then you will realize that the resons which stopped you were totally random. Randomness hovers above every domain of our otherwise seemingly structured life.

Maybe being random isnt that bad after all, you know, this was just a random article on randomness so perhaps you got bored from it, but point is, being random is better than to pretend to be structured and then repent over what you could have done more.

Now that you read this random blog,Try giving a random smile once, try helping a random person once, feed a random animal once (i fed a random iguana !!), try talking random to your collegues once instead of cliched boss bashing, try taking your family to a random place once instead of booking a place 1 week in advance, try reading a random book once, maybe you'll stumble upon a masterpiece, Shout random abuses to noone in perticular, the solace is amazing.

Random my friend , is the way of life, its a patended technolgy by GOD, but next time u see this random person, realize that its the way all the things are meant to be and go up and talk. We all remember at least one random face which we saw in a mall perhaps, or in a random suburban train where we were looking at that stranger inspite of being randomly groped around by the crowd.

The randomness around you and me is overwhelming, the sooner you be a part of it, the better it is.

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Persis said...

well said! i think im gonna mutter a random mantra now n move forward to more of ur posts now :P


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