Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Key" to the "bored"..keyboarding

Early mornings perhaps are the best to write something.Add winters to the scene and its better ! It's difficult to blog for old fashioned ppl like me,i still am more comfortable writing than typing, or lets just say i still am able to distinguish between the two :P my twin co-relates writing instantly to typing, and pen paper is some non-existent entity for her which is used sporadically to sign on credit card bills !

From the look of it this looks like a long entry, and quite honestly thts is exactly wat i planned. But, i think ill sketch something instead ! (where's my pencil?)

Maybe one day ill upload scans of my written journal  !


hail mitesh said...

i spend ten years, on learning how to write, i have my own handwriting, which i have worked hard for it. My handwriting represent "my own font".

I also do feel a mismatch of writing in keyboard and on paper, because it lacks the human touch(our own handwriting)

quixotic.knight said...

hail mitesh


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