Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Excerpts

[Random Excerpts from my under progress.....[6 pages so far] shall be on a bookstore near you by your grandson's 18th b'day :P]

He looked on to the boy in his tattered clothes struggling with his rickshaw.The view from his top floor plush office was handpicked so that the regal lords could gaze on to the ocean.He,however, couldn't take his eyes off from the young boy fidgeting with his tools in vain.

Audacity of his plush office was annoying. Appalling in fact.As he stood on the granite floor,the contrast between the man and the surroundings was loud. Yet it seemed as if  maybe it was the room which deserved the man, not vice versa.

The elevator opened,the suave business clad man was headed straight to the street.He squatted besides the boy.The contrast, was almost amusing.

The boy gave a blank stare.Man was looking straight onto his broken chain of the rickshaw.

"See this??"
boy took a long grease stained plier in his hand.
"I'll hit you with this.I'm like dead pissed anyways and i dont want another NRI to use me for a "HANDS ON" experience with India"

"Can't fit the screw there?"

Boy Gasped.Such precise diagnosis?? This guy know a thing or two about rickshaws allright.

"Ji Saab, Broke from here.Now it just won't fit."

"2 Rupees"

"Ji Saab??"

"It'll cost you 2 bucks"

"You'll repair it?"

"Nah, Jugaad ! "

"Then 2 Rupees is very expensive actually !!"

Both smiled at each other. Man took out his business card and folded it several times.He then fixed it in the Gap which was causing the problem. The screw fitted like a dream.

"Tea?? You're paying"...the man pointed towards the small shack on the roadside.

The two sipped on as the evening faded out to the chilling night.


kitty said...

aweosme blog
i wonder which chap this would be
but its fantastical

Anonymous said...

not many would do that... i know many blue collared tight tie types they detest looking out at such kids... rather pull the blinds on... my boss does that all the time

{ Persis Shah } said...

gosh the first to paras transported me to The Fountainhead kinda writing stuff!

p.s loving the new improved blog look and the header is ahhmazing...where did u get the pic??

quixotic.knight said...

Yep..the fountainhead part was bound to come :P...........But trust me our character is nothing like Mr Rock :P

Got da pic from weheartit......Coming frm you.....The compliment really is huge :P

Madhukar said...

hmm...kaam chaloo hai novel pe..good beginning to the book!
Looking-forward to my grandson getting his hands on that book!!


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