Thursday, May 27, 2010

Differential Calculations of Life

I was watching a show on Special Forces last night and there was this Hard Ass-Face Rippin SAS agent who was giving a first hand account of a hostage mission he carried out in Africa.At the end of Oh-my-Gawd-Wat-D-F account of his,when asked were there any regrets,he said he received the orders to airdrop in Africa on a Sunday Morning which kinda sucked.That's all.Plain Face.He was badass like that.

My friend from the Army called up then.He tells me in Sub Zero temperatures he becomes excited if skin doesn't come off with his socks.All of them long for removing their socks in a normal way !!

My neighbour's kid for that matter has been drinking Bournvita hysterically coz he wanna grow up fast and bash me up.He thinks i drove over his Zoo Zoo soft toy intentionally.

Each one of us,is in a race to move forward.To evolve.One little step at a time.It's our pursuit of achieving that something extra which drives us.And this little "extra" thing which we are trying to achieve perhaps determines our reality as an Individual.

SAS Special unit Maj BadAss I mentioned longs for that relaxed weekend,the humble soldier on the other hand is just trying to take off his socks properly.Every day for that lil neighborhood kid is a fight coz he wanna see me howling in pain.

What drives you? It's that little extra what you try to achieve which defines you.And this pursuit is continuous.It's your choice which makes you what you are.

This is how the Universe is defined and structured.The fabric of time is woven on this small gap which needs to be filled all the time.In our Mathematical realm,we call it delta.....the differential.

I introduce you here to the concept of "differential of life".That "little" step which you strive to improve  yourself.Any change in your life for that matter.That is your "Differential".

This differential in our life in its weird way is closely linked with the concepts of Destiny and Free Will.
The "Situations" we land on,could in a way depend on destiny.But what you choose as your next step in that situation will be your own choice,your will.

That is why,the differential according to me is such a beautiful concept.Anything which you decide to do out of your own free will will always be the litmus test for your identity.The steps you decide to take to move forward reflect you in your purest form.

I'll explain it this way,take the case of Subhash Chandra Bose.he belonged to very prosperous family and went to study in the Fitzwilliam Hall,University of Cambridge.He apparently stood second in the prestigious Indian Civil Services Exam.Maybe his destiny brought him to this juncture.But from where he stood,Leading an extremely lavish life was definitely an option.He could have choosen this option out of his own sweet free will.What he chose instead,is known to all of us.And the point will always be known.

Life is all about taking decisions in situations created by destiny.I tried to analyse myself through this test.What I realized was that i just don't take decisions.I've just been existing lately.I failed miserably.

This perhaps would be the case with most of us.We just sit back and let the destiny steer our life in whichever direction it blows.

Very few of us use the oars of free will to control the life's boat.Those who do.....achieve.....evolve.

It's this small difference which is the source of everything.The little difference in energy perhaps initiated the process of big bang, the difference in temperatures cause winds,differences in pressure/temperature cause ocean currents, difference in opinions cause arguments and ideas, differences in ideologies cause religion and revolutions.Only when difference of a current state from an apparent better state is realized,does the evolution happen.

Oblivion and state of rest my friends,is analogous to death.

All the permutations and combinations we come across.....the confusions..... the problems...... the complexities...all the uncertainties form the equation of life.Just like the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in the equation of energy........ the scope of randomness and dynamism always are present in the equation of life.

The finality...the the death.The surest form of rest.Beyond which there is no differential left to achieve.
Minimizing the extent of achievements probably could be linked to the pursuit of Nirvana.A state where there is no scope left for further want of improvement.You differential tends to Zero.He who achieves this,a state where no more perfection "can" be the supreme being.The God.

What is the differential in life you are trying to achieve ?? Or is it that you stopped that struggle to get the difference in your life??? the courage to take that little step.......Is it gone???

Time's running out.

-Kunal Mathur


Sonam Bhargava said...

Its well structured...well illustrated..n well xplained..n ya even d pics suits d subject a lot....gr8 job !!!

quixotic.knight said...

thnxx a lot sonam :) wens ur next blog entry comin up??

kitty said...

At the end there are only two forks where one cannot make a choice anymore.....

it matters not how strait the gate or how charged with punishments the scroll, i am the master of my fate i am the capotain of my soul.

Only when difference of a current state from an apparent better state is realized,does the evolution happen.

sometimes the wrung of time and mind is so strong that it laves u with no other choice but to dry out ur energies nd just flow with the twist..!!! the winner is who comes out crisp and clean....

m over awed.... keep writing!!!

quixotic.knight said...

Kitta, Your comments are always better than the blog itself.Invictus just had to be ya twin

kitty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kitty said...

Nah!! its ju8 that ur blog forces me to think...nd i dont wanna sound like a cow gone high on yellow grass.....!!

the signature Quixotic Quagmires always has this dulcifying yet Invictus effect.. m sure its not intentional!wonder if thr are some codes in blog...

One day il decipher coke from sugar... till then keep getting us high on ur blog!!!

Saumya said...

"Time is running out"...It sure is and the inability to do anything about the situation we are in just makes us feel more crippled! Yeah, it is all in our hands, but thats it....we need the mind to be made up to guide the actions which doesn't happen...Only if it were easy to take charge and charge on!
Beautifully was like reading out my thoughts! :)

bdhaps said...

every person comes across this several times in life..

Just remember a quote from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets where Dumbledore explains to Harry,

"Its our CHOICES more than our skills that decide who we are !!"

So... we have to make those CHOICES..

All in all, wonderfully written!! makes you think!!

Persis Shah said...

hmmm lotsa diff theories all rolled in here...not sure if i agree when you say that ur neighbourhood kid's differential of life is growing up to even things out with you one day or the soldier's differential is removing his socks painleslly. aren't these more like a part of the troubles one encounters while seeking their differentials of life...isn't the differential for the soldier serving his motherland and the rest just a means to this end?

As for destiny vs. freewill. I like to think I'm the master of my fate, but not sure if destiny would allow me too. I'm kinda sitting on the fence this once.


Joy said...

You did such a great job! It's so good!

Sankalp said...

machaxx pixxx.... how do you search them?

Anonymous said...

When I started, i was reading it I progressed a bit, i felt myself reading it faster than the the time i finished, my mind was almost panting...what a world class piece of writing!! Raw Awesomeness..."

ARPIT said...

very nice :) :)

Sonika said...

I like the concept of the differential - it reminds me of a something. Let me share it with you:

I was once present at a speech of the DU VC to the students...he was asked to share some advice for the future..what he came up was, in your words, the differential. He said the people who make a difference in life are the ones who will go the extra mile.
That applies to everyone, I guess.
Lets make the differential big.

And yes, the pics are really awesome.



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