Monday, July 25, 2011

The man in the Iron Mask

 Clasp the palms of  both your hands on your face, covering it.And then press them tight......... Please ????

That's how the mask feels.The iron mask.

It has to be ON all the time. even if I am alone not visible to anyone. Even then.To say that THEY force me to keep the mask on would be a wrong statement. I have had it since such a long time that I can't imagine myself without it. Ive had it on ever since I was born. The size of the mask keeps changing. But it's ON, always.

It suffocates me, but its my identity. I feel vulnerable without the mask. Everybody around me wears it. We all wear masks. CLENCHED to our faces. TIGHT.

Now I know that if I let the mask go, Ill see my true inner self. But I am too scared to do it. Everyone around me is scared to do it. Scared of the vulnerability. Scared of what impending danger? We do not know, we are just ........scared.

There were times when people have removed their iron masks, its not unprecedented. They either died, or are now legends whom we pray to. They were one of us, but we can't imagine ourselves doing it.

But I dream about what it would be like to be free, to be without the iron mask. They sedate me, so that i do not think much about the present, and dream about a future.

It makes me bleed.It makes me feel like scratching myself till I bleed and scream till I lose my voice. 

I weep behind my mask. A lot of times

I want to go. Go where? I don't know.I found a mirror once. But Alas, we all looked the same. The masks, they're the same. For Everyone. I'd like to find myself. One Day.

Who Am I I make you curious is it?

I'm you...........................

-Kunal Mathur.


S said...

thought provoking..yes the mask is on ! but here's a genuine and intriguing post !
brilliant !

Ketan Patil said...

marvellous! We all are victims of identity crisis.

kitty said...

only one thing which i really wanna get rid of, is my mask... my teas r flooding the mask, and its suffocating, my laughter is echoing behind the mask, and is haunting , my grin is itching,i wish i can see real me ... i dont wanna melt and erase with this mask.


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