Monday, November 28, 2011


One of the surest places to find spirituality is not some Ashram in some god forsaken corner on a hill, not some magnanimous marble temple, not some cult gathering where people are chanting and you are poking a hot candle your hand !

It's in that dingy dark corner of a bar where some half drunk uncle is trying to impress a random chic with his totally lost philosophy.

That't the thing with girls, when they listen, they're probably better listeners than that old bartender in some irish pub where you find same people people sitting on the seats for last 80 years or so !

Anyways, back to the half drunk uncle, I overheard him bragging something about "FAITH" to my friend Tanya from London!

Thing with Tanya is, she is a lot into spirituality and all that.....and she is hauntingly beautiful. 
So the moment "discloses" her ardent fervor for spirituality [or rather unleashes it ...] , All the men around her turn into Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Osho,crammed into a Yoga drink with a dash of zen and meditation in it :l 

So the uncles goes on, " Tanyaaaa, end of the daaayyyyy....[pls note the terrible Punjaabi fake accent with extreme slur]...Tanyaaa...Tanyaa jiiiii......end of the days, it iz all about the faith u know......You know, this iPhone for instance, you have this because you have faith ji, u will stay with it. I also have faith.......on my dog. Thats why i never subscribe newspapers ji.......he always steals it from neighbours you see.....I HAVE TRAINED IT MYSELF PERSONALLY Tanya Ji ...."

Tanya , being the good gal that she is, keeps listening. 

And while driving back, I just happened to ask

Knight:  "Tanya, you really think it's all about faith?"
Tanya:  "What?"
Knight: "I mean, isn't faith something like blind trust? One gets stuck in it? No?"
Tanya: " Just coz I didn't puke on his face and didnt gauge out his eyes with a fork doesnt mean I wont do the same with yours "
[ giving "Oh-FUK yea-I-am-Uma Fukin Thurman for KILL BILL-and YOU are BILL" Looks  ]

Not so good a gal after all ...THis Tanya...Ehh??

Analyzing the odds, grasping the look on her face and gauging the sincerity of her threat, I decided to shut up and keep driving.I was scared. Petrified, I think is a better word.
But then mind is such a thought slut you see, You just can't stop it ........
Faith, is one of the most fucked up concepts I've ever come across in my life.

You have faith, and you cling on to it. No One questions it, its a tool to make fools blind. Faith in the garb of religion has been used since times immemorial to control and dominate the societies.

It's like being that frog happily living in ignorance......

He has faith on his world.

But then, its nothing else but faith which helps countless number of people to balance and manage their morals and not indulge into deeds which are considered deplorable and evil by others. It's about the balance.

What is it then? This this thing about faith?

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Ketan Patil said...

humans are made in a way the default setting for faith is ON. i mean,you walk don the street, you look at all those faces and you certainly have faith that if you fall down, they ll come to pick you up, if theres a fight they WILL interfere. I used to picture about faith - two strangers, life threatening situation, they would make it alive iff they have faith on one another. Kinda what John from SAW wants to teach you. but it doesnt have to be that way. turns out, faith is a very easy-come thing. what do you think?


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