Sunday, February 17, 2013

A question

Kanda Case: Mother commits suicide. Nation once again up against the politician.
only this time there are a few questions I would like to raise which I am sure no one else will ask :
Geetika Sharma joined as an airhostess in the company. Which is normal for any good looking 23 year old. One joins in at the beginning as crew staff. She gets friendly with Kanda [or maybe the other way round, doesnt matter], he goes to the Sharma household frequently. Brother & Parents know him. He pays 8 lakhs for Geetika's MBA as well. Parents so far okay with it. He is Deputy CM of Haryana and a billionaire.
In two years she is made MD of the company. Everyone is still ok.
Within two years of joining a firm you become MD of that entire airlines??-NOT NORMAL. Parents still okay with it.

This is when the harassing starts. Phone calls etc again and again. Geetika leaves job and returns home again and again. Every time family convinces her to return. Being vulnerable and young, she commits suicide.

Kanda claims he spoke to the family just a night before Geetika's suicide.

So after the suicide the protest starts ! Before that what was it? Quid pro quo? Is the mother's suicide more out of guilt?

I hate to be the devil's advocate here. I sound like Amrish Puri's character from Damini I think. But after the Delhi rape case its very easy for us masses to try anyone at slightest provocation. I want reasoning to remain alive. I also want this case to be an eye opener to other families who would force their daughters to take up jobs they are not comfortable doing. If one's family is against them, they have nowhere else to go.

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