Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Better Half

Women Only Banks

If it makes the process of getting a loan easier for women, it will have a very positive impact. I am thinking of even micro-credit options which are possible in rural sectors. Not only banks, we even need separate clinics and hospitals for women. How many women report their medical problems in rural areas? This is more apt in case of Pre and post maternity care. 

Likewise, having a separate bank account is unheard of. If banks like these become part of the local culture, it will go a long way in providing financial independence to women. Women could directly put their wages in bank instead of fighting continuously with their husbands who drink the money away. 
Problem of discrimination occurs when there is a level ground and then partiality is done. In India, we need to take drastic steps like these first to get the level ground. Then the issue of gender discrimination can take place. I wonder why such protests are never made for separate train compartments in Delhi metro and Mumbai Locals?

Women specific bank : In swanky suburbs, yeah....not cool. Rural India, it will not only be accepted but celebrated.

PS: On a lighter side, will they be having bigger lockers because a lot of girls I know want to keep their fave shoes there :P

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