Friday, September 13, 2013

Noodle Noose -2

Nonsensical reactions to Nirbhaya Hearing. Celebrating death doesn't make one a concerned citizen. We have shown how concerned a nation we are when no one stopped as she lay bleeding on the roadside. Things will not change by hanging these people. That is just law taking its course.

Things will change when we resolve we will always stop when we see someone in distress on roads. When our government and Police can install enough confidence in us that we will not be robbed and hacked to death if we stopped to help someone in middle of the night.

Things will change when for once people start respecting status of women in their house, when we learn to respect as a society the freedom women are entitled to.

Things will change when we start contributing to the society and not just keep expecting.

Things will change when we become our own government and take responsibility towards positive changes in our surroundings. When we embrace #Nimbyism.

#WhatDoesItTake #Why

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