Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Mask

 To influence someone is to give him one’s soul.
-Oscar Wilde

The act of sharing oneself is perhaps one of the most underrated acts in my opinion. We live in the times where façade is accepted and opening up of real self is met with indifference at best, to hostility at its worst.

Most of the times we are unable to differentiate between the two, even if we want to.

At times we are even at a lost to identify our true selves.
If someone comes out in his bare, molten, pure raw form to you.then I sincerely believe that it is a blessing.

I cannot believe how people fail to acknowledge true display of emotions. Even despise it !

A person , if he chooses to reveal his true self to you, then he will use a pure emotion as a tool to do it.

It can be love.

It can be passion.

It can be anger.

It can be sadness.   

It will be a ridiculous, pathetic audaciously honest display of oneself.

You can choose to like it, dislike it.but how in heavens can you choose to be indifferent to it?

When you open up to someone in your true, raw honest’s like giving a part of you to that person. When that person receives your true form then you both become ONE.

When a woman makes a man his, she takes his soul. She makes her soul and his soulmakes them ONE. A woman is then blessed with the magical capability of giving this soul a physical form. A child, who is a physical testimony of them being one.

When you reveal and pour your real thoughts out to someone, then you become ONE in a similar way.

It is really an act as intimate and sacred.

And when you stand up with your true self revealed, you are naked in your most vulnerable form.

The other person’s mere whim, can then be a blow hard enough to break you like a twig. Blow hard enough to make you fall into unknown unfathomable abyss. 

In the see-saw of life though, your fall could mean rise of somebody else. And when you really want that person to rise sky high.

Then you give a fuck about your fall. 

It might be a sin, but to regret a sin is a luxury few of us have.

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