Friday, April 18, 2014

The Power Potion

How do Asterix and rest of the Gauls kick ass of the Roman empire? They do it after they receive the magic potion of power from the village druid Getafix.

I received a power potion from the Colonel in my class today. Power potion about power.

What makes us strong?

How do you inflict maximum impact ?

Colonel's theory is simple. We derive our strength from Unity.

When we are isolated from a community, a group, we are in our most vulnerable form. To cause deep and maximum impact strike when you find the person isolated and vulnerable. When you find such a moment do NOT waste it and hit with aggression. If such a moment does not present itself then you create that isolation and wait for it.

This is also true to tackle social issues. Issues such as poverty, women empowerment, corruption etc can be dealt and solved if there is unity and entire communities working to solve the problem.

The power of One, it's a bullshit concept.

This guy, got NO change. Probably got killed. 

Mao, who had people behind him: created history. 

Unless of course you want to be this guy 
 Who caused this 

End of the day, it's the crowd which wins.

Seek out your people, your family , your friends ; when you find yourself vulnerable.
Disconnect and isolate the problems and people you want to finish.

We do the opposite.


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