Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 got one of the biggest #Epiphany in the smallest way. I was an OmaegaCrazy Fan of #Snoopy as a kid and when I saw the little snoopy being given out in the happy meal of McDonald's, I started asking my friends and family to get me one. Me? I was busy planning my holidays so I didn't bother going myself. Turns out everyone I asked was busy doing the same thing and when I finally did go to the store the stocks of snoopy toys were over. Broke my heart. Nonetheless, I know no one had the intention of not getting me one. They all love me with an ardent #fervor. But I realized I've postponed and slacked over too many things. What we call a *plan* is actually a secret push of your want into an unknown abyss. Do not wait for others to give you what you truly want for yourself. #JustSaying #QuixoticQuagmires #planhatke #vasantkunj

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