Friday, July 1, 2016

I am watching this Series where a calligraphy artist dejected from failure starts living in a small island .I love reading and watching stories from cultures totally different from ours. This one episode shows a custom where food is thrown in packets and locals try to catch the packets. the young man tries to grab some but is met with Colossal failure. He meets this old lady Who is able to collect at legendary levels .She tells him *Look for ones fallen below and then wait patiently don't just keep looking up and then take it once it hits the ground"..she's right. Perhaps the best ones are right here and we keep looking up Also the show is about how trivial hard work can be. I am purposely keeping my mind away from Series and movies which are about sex and other distractions. Btw today I realised I do a half assed job and everything I need to stop that. #quixoticquagmires

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