Thursday, October 13, 2016

If a traveller forgets his basic trait he loses his identity. A traveler has his return ticket in his pocket, and entire time which he invests in a place is always under his control. He always has a return ticket with him. There can be some destinations which can intrigue him so much that he decides to stay there for time longer than anybody else expected , to the extent that this detonation accepts him as his native. Nonetheless, a traveler always has a choice to leave , and it his he who controls his stay. If a traveler forgets his basic strengths , he loses his identity. There might be instances when there is no destination to put on the return ticket,there is no place you can call home. Still, choice is in the hands of the traveler. He can, and will always leave. #quixoticquagmires #Flights #People #Layers #Amwriting #JetAirways #VasantKunj #VintangePlane #Toyplane #Toys #travel

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