Monday, November 7, 2016

Soot up for the Galley

Smog has covered up my city Delhi precisely during the days when I've struggled to clear the toxic smoke away from within. The battle is now out in the open.

In Poland when the concentration camps began shoving the bodies in the ovens, the factories worked non-stop and the smoke filled the neighboring towns. Nobody was questioning. It is said that there came a point when the reflex of coughing in the population simply disappeared. In a lot of ways, as the particles made home in the lungs of the residents, death and life became one.

Is that what's happening? Death and Life becoming one?

We kill ourselves everyday anyway. Sitting on our chairs in office, driving the car in mad traffic and then spending the handful of hours at home on the bed, eating. So now we have bad air which is killing us too.

How does it matter?

We lost the reflex, long back.

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