Sunday, October 18, 2009

Concealed Conversations of Camaflouged Kind

One thing which prevents me always from writing the stuff is that i start judging beforehand. I want to write about such a wide spectrum of topics that it could put even put my neighborhood aunts mouth to shame. She is blessed with this paragalactic power by the virtue of which she can comment, discuss and judge the following topics in one go :
  1. Obama's white house celebration and his credit policies towards PWC and all
  2. Neighbors daughter's latest selection of wardrobe, (ot the lack of it)
  3. Ranbir Kapoor's T's in the latest filck
  4. How karnataka police sux coz they caught a kasmiri without proof !!!
All this, in one breath my friends. She makes 2 pac reel in his grave.

Whew, me and my randomness!

Anyways, I have decided to write stuff on a daily basis. Whatever come to my mind. And I kind of don't care. Because I am writing not for you my reader, I am writing for myself.

I want to write about Travel, about books, about my guitar, about my brush with corporate life, My collision with corporate politics, about my failures to plan my future, about my obessession with the concept of entropy in physics, about GOD,About Ghosts, I want to convince myself that Kurt Cobain is dead, I want to write about how my education inspite of being from the best institues of this country, is still hollow.

And I want to ask, ask my school how come i was taught how to find number of zeroes in 123989! but not taught how to file my IT returns. Ask why i was caned in front of school when I couldn't recite the poetry well but not told that even if I do survive this ordeal I will basically end up working myself crazy being a part of a network which was designed to make someone rich ! How come I wasn't taught how to make my own networks ?

And I wanna talk, about your obesession with firecrackers, burning your money away in front of a begger whose kid is dying in his arms cause of hunger ! I wanna talk about campuses of premier institutes of this country like the one to which i belong, and ask how come the sex ratio is 27 males : 1 Female ? I wanna talk about the new grading system in 10th, wasn't it preparing the kids to face what they are going to face after two years anyway?

And I wanna tell, about my travels. I wanna tell that I am fascinated by twitter as of now. About how i have lived my life on wheels this last one year. About how in three month's I ended up in Chamber's of VP's and CEO's from my college's maggie corner (where I still owe 27 bucks..shhh dont tell, thts a fortune there. I am the john dillinger of the campus). I wanna tell ppl how 12th standard is basically the most important year of your life in India, and kinds of decides what you'll end up doing for your future, so not to fret your entire school life. I wanna tell people that if you could prognosticate entropy spikes of your life, you could end up prediciting your future !! I wanna tell my gang that I play electric guitar now, and cobain's solo's at that :)

I wanna write, I wanna tell, I wanna ask........and I will.


Anonymous said...

its nice ..
at least u have started writing .. it would be interesting to read them ...

Madhukar said...

Yeah tell every-single-one of these things!!
But I just wanna know one thing - Is Kurt Cobain really dead!??
And if yes..did Pyaarelal encounter the same fate!!

Persis said...

more power to you kunal!

aviralshrivastava said...

you were saying that you would write continuously.....i am disappointed...


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