Sunday, November 22, 2009

100 facts about myself

1 : I am basically a geek deep down, behind the cool "facade"  
2: My grammar and spellings suck these days  
3: I am hell scared of my's risky.  

4:I dont give a flying fuck abt cricket, but I can speak full name of W.P.U.J Chaminda Vaas,  
in one breath, its warnakudesuriya patabadige usantha joseph chaminda vaas.


Persis said...

anyone can tell ur a geek b'coz of fact #4 hehe =)

Anonymous said...

he he ..
that's a old trick dude ..
try this one out ..
Uda Walawwe Mahim Bandaralage Chanaka Asanga Welegedara
he is the new fast bowler ..
and no need to say .. from the same country :P ..


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