Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rural Roars in Urban Utopia-A photo essay {Extreme Randomness}

Nostalgia at times forces me to observe things which otherwise nobody would. Some Random Roars in todays Urban Jungle.

No Comments. Isi Mein hai Dam.

(JebKatri, ROTFL) All you feminists out there,does this offend you or please you? I'm curious :P

Good Looking people get special discount from a particular bhaisaab in the saloon.

This is my fave

Random Book at Station. :)


{ Persis Shah } said...

hahaha where on earht did you find stuff like this in India...there a light shop in Vadodara and its called "orgies" !!! :O :D Bhavin and I always laughing so much every time we pass by. :P

Madhukar said...

It keeps getting better and better...glad that you restarted blogging!

kitty said...

jabkatris !!is the new role and its good to see women spreading their ings in all peregrines ... i m a feminist and i have this proud grin on my face!!
respect all professions...!! do you know any jebkari..?? i wanna acquint with few ; all for knowledge; i would like to add a chap on them in my upcoming book...!! cheers.. was having lemon icetea while reading your blog.. trust me ,it made it more tangier!<3

quixotic.knight said...

@Persis: Talking about "orgies", quite a few times people ask "AUR JI,
Kaisi chal rahi hai ?" lol.....I'm like....Zordar chal rahi hai :D

quixotic.knight said...

@Maddy: All those surreal serenity of surreptitious kind i use to write on last bench are still in the college registers :) ill put them up soon :P

Thnxx for the encouragement

quixotic.knight said...

@kiki : Jabkatri's i don't know, but i know abt these tall blode blue eyed russian female sniper CULT called White Tights.

No one knows if it was for real, but nobody denies it either.

As for the Ice Tea, put "Blackfort Rumm" in it...Isi mein hai Dum

Mohit said...

cant stop laughing at the collection as well as the comments... AUR JI ....rofl :)

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