Friday, September 2, 2011

Black Bucks INC…………….galaxies safest bank…….

NOTE: Pls highlight and scroll down to read. Step has been taken in view of security reasons.

Kunal Mathur
Black Bucks Inc

29th March, 3096.

I , Kunal Mathur  Declare My Bank Black Bucks INC…..the safest bank of the galaxy

Its funny that rest of the draft is pretty much about proving the second half of above statement…..for those who refuse to agree.

 We in  Black Bucks INC have customers as our first priority and since last time our official draft caused a paralytic stroke to quite a few of our readers;
We hereby promise to be as simple in our explanations as pushing a man down from stairs.

There we go………..(yes ……u may put on ur headphones and turn the volume on…..with the volume at a level that it feels ON…..saving our asses in the process !!!)

Black hole is an object predicted by general relativity with a gravitational field so powerful that even electromagnetic radiation cannot escape its pull.

A black hole is defined to be a region of space-time where escape to the outside universe is impossible. The boundary of this region is a surface called the event horizonNothing can move from inside the event horizon to the outside, even briefly.

We in Black Bucks INC create a black hole model for your money and other valuables…………….so that Just NOTHIN can Creep IN……..(that’s right Mr Ocean…..)……….Of cos……..unless god decides to rob u…..which I doubt…coz if god was kinda upset from u…he would simply get ur ass DOWN there.

So as we enter the phase after the great transgalactic robbery; where a quasar was used to pass through the matter wave gates……we assure you all that this is as good it gets….wats more…even god has decided to keep some half eaten apple here in case he kinda needs to reboot u know……..and strange bottles with “dinosaurs” written on them. This is ; as he says ; his toy in case he gets mad with “people” on earth. We in Black Bucks INC agree with god that it would be fun to watch “people” bein chased  by dinos……

Lookin forward to ur arrival.

(service charges free for those who did not read this and agreed straightaway that our bank was indeed the safest !!!!)


S said...

:P With time must respect even the silliest habits of women :P
And not make such a general statement about them !
I wish ur gf never sees this post :P

quixotic.knight said...


Rohini said...

a stupid curious off track question... how do you perceive light at event horizon if you hypothetically exist in its vicinity... ??

Rohini said...

btw i blv you should begin writing the book now.. :)


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