Monday, October 17, 2011

The Mutiny

Trapped in my trance, you bid adieu to the last chance
Face down in the mud, you watch the enemy dance.
Let me lie down here you say, for you embrace this utopia,
Living the lie, you blur the reality with nostalgia.

Yank the guitar strings, till they bleed,
Pay the price, for you've sown the seed.
Spitting on the gift of free will, you cling on to destiny,
Choke you eyes out, or follow the mutiny!

Keep pushing the stone up the hill, that's how the punishments are,
Here, let me show you the mirror, see your body charred
Don't start doing what you love, and you will perish,
It's upto you, this life which stings, or the life you cherish ?


Rohini said...

Extraordinary... and very real... u can feel every word.

Anubha said...

Good God! Di was right! This blog is amazing! :)

quixotic.knight said...

@Anubha....... Di who? :) And merci for the kind Words

quixotic.knight said...

Rohini: Danke :)


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