Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eccentric Exodus of Exceptional Kinds

Good Morning Dear New Apartment,

It's the first morning together so I decided lets get to know each other. Do my stuff at night and start talking only if you wake up next to each other the next morning; has been my principle. So you have to pardon me for "barging in" and "using" you at the night. I need to work on that Yes !

You have no clue wat the last apartment was like. It was a legend. It has had the craziest parties and craziest moments ever. One of the most Epic bachelor apartments ever. I'm so tempted to share the stories but I guess its too soon to reveal our secrets to each other. After all we've spent just one night together till now.

Now you see, there are things you might want to get adjusted to. Like watchin me dance obnoxiously when I am happy. Or just in general. And I'm gonna fill every inch of you with my music. Well You can drop hints when it gets too much. Previous apartment would employ devilish pigeons to do the job. If my dancing got on too much with it the pigeons would start banging themselves on the windows. And I had to stop.

New apartment , new life. I want you to help me focus and work in multiple roles. Office, study, Party lounge, library, Home, house, Gourmet Heaven, Sin Cave.....everything .....And I hope I look upon you as one the luckiest and the one of the most exceptional house Ive lived in.

As for me, I promise little more discipline. For sure.

And yes, we'll find a name for you of course.

PS: I didnt like the way you scared the shit out of me with those lil bells suddenly comin on my face wen I went to the balcony at 2AM. We need to talk abt it


S said...

Welcome to the new place :)

Rohini said...

lo ji.. a humble humble acknowledgement of your awesomness.. :)


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