Sunday, May 6, 2012

Midsummer Knight's Dream

This is an entry for Lakme Diva Blogger Contest. First prize is a Kindle Fire. Second is a Kindle. I always wanted a Kindle Fire.

" Sucks this summer to be single, 
What makes me think, a guy so simple,
(with a pimple),
Will get to spend summer with Miss Lakme Sunshine,
who smiles with a dimple?
Excitement for Elena might dwindle, 
But forever, shall be the passion for a Kindle"

The Awesome Elena,
The Lakme Sunshine Chica,
Volleyball area,
Exotic Shiny Beach.

Dear Elena,

It's been almost a month and a half since the onset of summer. You seem to be having a good time. Oh and by the way, I am what they call me the quixotic knight in the world of blogging.
[Mom says its rude to start talking without giving an intro.Dad says it's not cool to start the talking with an intro. So I am a bit confused].
I am , what you can comfortably call, a geek. But contrary to what you and your friends at Lakme might think about me, I also plan on having a good time. This summer.

Playin with my nintendo was an option !!

 "Elena, is fun loving,enjoys music and loves travelling." says the description. That's pretty awesome. And on top of that you like to "do it outdoors" they say. Blimey, in just two sentences they have made you a girl any guy could give his right arm for [pun not intended]. Now suppose that You and I were to spend time together this summer, I'd make sure that it's awesome because I think the way I am planning my summers is going to be better than anything you've ever envisaged.

Beaches of course. I am sure you like to swim. I'd recommend us going to Thailand.Not to fancy places like Bangkok or fancy beaches like Phuket. There is this small little island called Koh Tao near the gulf of Thailand. It just 21 km sq across in area !

People on this island do the following things


Swim with the sharks ??
  1. They teach Scuba Diving
  2. Those not teaching are learning Scuba Diving.
  3. Everybody on a full moon night gets on a boat and go the nearby Island for the Insane Full Moon party
And that's it.

Legend says you pick your own mushroom there ;) The one which glows in the dark is one u want ;)

Come to think of it,its not too bad an idea. If you do a course here, you get an International PADI divers licence, and then you can dive anywhere in the world. 

Sunlight is a versatile thing. Apart from giving the extremely crucial Vitamin D, it also gives exposure to the UVR [Ultra Voilet Rays]. Contrary to what people believe, most of the times the skin cancers are due to insufficient exposure to UVR, reducing bodies resistance to them in the process. 

So just like Sunshine, the vacation also needs to be Versatile Elena. 

So from the mind numbing Full Moon Party in Thailand lets go directly to Angkot Wat, Cambodia. It's the largest complex Hindu Structure in the world.Later it had the Buddhism elements too coming into it. A brush with History, Philosophy, Religion, mysticism...not bad for a two day tour I say.

Lara Croft Kicked pretty much everbody's ass here in the movie

Armed with a PADI licence, lets work as Rescue divers for a while at the beach what say? And if one has to dive ever in his life, it better be in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Rescue Divers are Supercool. And they get PAID to be supercool. Spend time on a beach, hang around have fun, and just in case you get bored you can save a life or two, Wat Say?  :p

Sting rays, Sharks, nothing can be a Barrier for divers in the Barrier

And then as if that wasn't enough,once you get bored out of it....we can go Biking. By Biking I mean Long distance Trans Australia Harley Davidson bike ride Baby ;)

I dont support leather, but if on bike a chic ALWAYS has to wear Leather ;)

And finally, once we are done with the continent, lets get out of there. But not the routine way. Lets hop on to a boat to Japan. Perhaps one of those Illegal ones. That'd be supercool. Workin ur way on the deck. Ol' pirate Style.

Being the "sunshine" chica on the pirate boat doesn't help much though,come to think about it :P

Once We are in Japan, I'd be too busy learning Manga Sketching. When not sketching I'd be too busy looking for Japanese Manga Animes.You can of course meet a Geisha or two and advise them to get some sunlight.Give them the Lakme Experience. From the look of it, they dont get any at all.Its Petrifying. They need to get some sunshine for sure.
Ninja's too for that matter. They are so busy hiding, ready to assassinate everyone and anyone that all the "Sunshine" is lost from their lives. In every sense of the word.

Memories of the Geisha ain't too bright. Everything's dull.

To sum it up, you would have done the following things by the end of the summer

  1. Learn how to Scuba Dive and get a rescue divers licence from PADI. 
  2. Learn this shit on one of the most beautiful beaches of this planet. Koh Tao.
  3. Party on Kon panang on a FULL MOON PARTY. By far one of the most insane parties a human being can manage to be in.
  4. Visit the 12th century structure of the Ankor wat and bask in the awesomeness of its History. 
  5. Dive the BARRIER REEF. And work as a Rescue Diver there. 
  6. Ride an illegal ship Ol" Pirate style.
  7. TO Japan !!
  8. Meet a few Geisha's, teach then Lakme's Magic
  9. Survive Ninja's and become the "sunshine" of their Life.

So you see, I'd be glad to have you over and make this amazing adventure happen. In case it turns out that you are not for real and they were just kidding me. Then just send a Kindle Fire Dear Elena to this depressed geek. I'd be curled up in a corner missing you and reading the kindle. [Heh Heh, NOT ! ]

"Wondering if you will be cooking your own meal on the pirate boat?"

Kunal aka the Quixotic Knight




Rohu said...

Awesomeness!! I am almost envious of the lady!! :D

quixotic.knight said...

Thanx Rohu :)

kartik said...

touching :P

quixotic.knight said...

@kartik: I hope Elena finds it touching

The Solitary Writer said... made her happy!! Good post man ..good luck for the contest

quixotic.knight said...

Solitary Writer,

Loved ur blog Man..........And thanks :)


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