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Catch this “Don”or if you can. Movie Review : "Vicky Donor"

Catch this “Don”or if you can.
Rating:  \m/\m/\m/\m/

What do you do when you want to make a blockbuster movie and rake millions out of it? It’s simple. Get the usual weapons: a big production house, a cliché script with a happy ending which helps the stressed Indian viewer go back home happy and of course to pull all this off the most lethal weapon of them all, Stardom. And yes.. a dash of lil skimpy vamp gyrating on 70’s kinda theme. There you go. Perfect recipe.

But what if you don’t have the power to afford the stardom? Then the real game comes into play. The most lethal weapon of them all is then humor and a right balance of emotions. A well written script which carries it better than Forest Gump carrying his mates in battlefield and an experienced actor in the team to  rock everyone off their pants with his awesomeness and inspire the rest of the new crowd to excel in whatever they do. A story so real that the audience visualizes the movie happening in his own humble home rather than a dream which normally the star packed movies tend to do.

Apna Vicky donor…they did just that. A perfectly crafted script, it uses humor, meticulous research and balance of emotions more professionally than a yakuza hitman handling his sniper rifle. The new cast of Yamini and Aysuhman and the rest do their bit with such perfection that it almost looks easy to do as we sit and watch the flick. And while the newbies carry their parts flawlessly, the source of inspiration lies in the magic like craft of the experienced veteran Anu kapoor. Anyone and I mean anyone who was in that team and was watching Mr Kapoor in his usual impeccable form couldn't help bask in his awesomeness and get inspired.

And if that’s not enough, they also pour drops of music which refuses to go out of your mind.[ Just like I refuse to go out this writing business.]  And then there are little details which blow your mind away. Like the relationship between the old Saas and the withering Bahu sharing a drink together every night. And the unquestionable bias of Dadi towards the grandson. {btw that’s more real than you can ever imagine. Come over for a coffee at my home sometime and you’ll know J }. And the way they captured the Bengali lifestyle. Even better, the way they captured Dilli wala Punjaabi life ishtyle. Most of the marriges they show in movies scare me as a bachelor. Petrify, I think is a better word. The wedding they’ve shown in this movie, it actually made me wonder when am I gonna watch My Dadi dance in my Baraat.

Aayushman is brilliant. Period. High time that people started taking people with good humor seriously. Because that is actually the toughest genre of all.And for a change, requires brains. Yamini, I start stammering when I talk about her like SRK from Darrrr……..I am in love. If she just sat pretty on that bank desk smiling and did nothing else then also she would have made people fall in love with her. Her versatile acting almost inches ahead of her oh- so- good looks and makes people not only fall in love with her but stand up, clap and cry at the same time.

Special mention to master performances by the Dadi, the mom, the friend who walks with a stick and the girl next door. They’ve owned the audience.

This is one movie in which Shoojit Sarkar has done what no other Director has done before. While making a light hearted movie which directly deals with a sexual theme right from its title itself, it’s a movie which doesn’t talk about sex. And if the box office figures  are anything to go by , the movie still manages to live by the age old diktat………. “Sex Sells”.

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