Friday, August 31, 2012

The Golden Pen

Dreams are realms where your subconscious rules. You sad boring little life is a mere palette of colors from which it picks up a few shades and then creates.

Creates what it wants. 

I was writing before I slept and left the cap of my golden parker open. 
Small event , right?

It formed the central theme of the dream. I had not one, not two , not three , but multiple layers of different stories going on at once. All connected to the pen and its cap. 

Theme 1: 
Interestingly enough, central theme is the story of a spy.This is the main story line and all other stories were happening in between this one. Now I dont really remember what this particulars of this story, but yes this guys is dressed in suits and is involved in counterespionage. Dream started with this guy in bed with a woman, he suddenly wakes up from the sleep. We keep coming back to this scene throughout the dream. Apparently the spy gets a dream warning him about the woman next to him. [Dream within a dream].

The story of the spy was very elaborate and specific, like a movie. From what I remember, the main highlight is that through a scan of a paper which shows an open pen cap, the spy comes to know that he is being double crossed and survives.

Theme 2: 
Next, the story fast forwards. I am old now. I feel very dejected with the fact that Ive done horrible things as a spy. I keep thinking how world is such a bad place. I decide to jump from a bridge. I start walking in rain. I throw my phone away. As I throw the phone away, the pen falls on the road. Pen cap remains in the pocket. Just when i am about to jump, there is this young guy who comes up to return my pen. I am so surprised and overwhelmed that I keep looking at him. I take the pen and walk back home smiling.

Theme 3:
I am really poor. Young. I have an interview. I go to a shopping mall. I steal a shirt. I go to a restaurant, I steal a blazer.
There is a this druglord who delivers a bag full of coke I think. He gets paid in one piece of a transparent blue diamond. He hides it in his golden parkers pen cap.It has something like that of a chamber.  I am at the reception of the hotel where the druglord stands. Druglord keeps the pen on desk for some reason. He is being searched by the cop. I steal his pen cap thinking that Ill put it on my shirt and everyone will think I have a golden parker. I leave the pen with its front hiding under a paper. I walk out with pen cap unaware of the diamond.

Theme 4:

Little kid in class, Drops his pen cap. Goes down to pick up the pen cap but stops to peep under the skirt of girl sitting behind him. He is caught.
What follows is horror. He is turned out of his class. Principal tells him to go and call his parents. He is suspended from school. He is so embarrassed to tell his parents that he ends up running away from home instead. He is picked up by the local pickpockets. He swears never to be good again !

From what I believe, the spy story had three separate instances where the pen and its cap were involved. This included a sign engraved on the pen and a person having a similar tattoo on his arm. I have no clue about the story.

I don't know about you, but I love to be dominated by the subconscious mind. One could call me a masochist in that sense !


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