Monday, August 20, 2012

The Sun Rise in the East

I confess that being a north indian i had absoulutely no exposure to people from north east india.It was in MNIT that I got the proximity and the opportunity to meet and understand this wonderful set of people. We people who were in such universities were the blessed people. Most of the people dont get such opportunities. My room mate Birjeet Longjam from Manipur is one one of the most exceptional beings I have ever known in my life. Next time you are stupid enough to call anyone a chinki...remember the pride you felt when Mary Kom won the medal. I faced racism in my travels abroad and my immediate reaction was that i want to go home. Its the most horrible feeling.Depressing and Petrifying. But what does one do when one faces this in his own home? The current exodus of our brothers and sisters will cause a serious rip in the fabric of our fragile yet beautiful society. What exists as fear today in them will grow into anger once they reach back home ! And might come against N Indians and S Indians in their home state. Dont I look stupid using the terms N indians and S Indians in the previous sentence? We dont need this terminology. Please think about it.

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