Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Play

The Prof in Asylum [P]

The Doctor [D]


D : It's a shame we meet in such awkward circumstances professor. I read your work and I think you are exceptional.

P: Being nice are you? In what capacity may I ask? As a visiting doctor, or as the beautiful lady that you are?
Neither forms of you impress me by the way.

D: They warned about how you get sarcastic. Didn't know you get caustic!

P: So you think I am caustic?

D: Yes

P: And exceptional?

D: at the same time, yes !

P: Ah ! No wonder they keep me in a cage. I am one of a kind come to think of it.

D: Professor, you could have contributed a lot to the society with your genius. Look at you, where you ended up!

P: * Keeps Staring *

D: What?

P: This is the point where I give a long intellectual speech about how I don't give a flying fuck about the society, isnt it?

D: You dont need to say it. What you did made it clear enough.

P : What a predictable conversation !

D: We need you to help us

P: You needed to say that? They keep me chained and I havent seen daylight in years now, and then they send someone as pretty as you suddenly to talk to me. Of course you need my help. But tell me, what part of me gives the impression that I need to listen to such dumb conversations ?

D: Will you ? help?

P: What a predictable conversation !

D: I don't have time to waste.

P:What a predictable conversation !

D:You could save lives Professor

P: What a predictable conversation !

D: *Silent*

P: Stares

D: Why is being predictable such a problem?

P: Because it lacks randomness *Does the butterfly dance*

D: And why should I be indulging in random talks when there is such an important task at hand?

P: Is it more important than the creation of the universe my lady?

D: Excuse me ?


D: Entropy ?

P:  is the measure of degree of randomness. It is always increasing. Which means randomness is always increasing. Increase in entropy is the basic fabric on which universe is sketched, which means randomness is the way in which universe is sketched. Randomness, is the way universe is created. Universe is the truth. No Randomness, No Universe. No Universe No truth.  Go Figure

D: *Silent*

P: *keeps doin the butterfly dance*

D:They need to know your methods of prediction. We need to save people. Please !

P:How do you know What I wrote is correct?

D: We don't. There are so many things which are just absurd in your book. No one has been able to decipher.

P: But you just did.That's what that stuff is. Absurd.

D: Really?

P: What a predictable conversation.

D: Why would you do that? Why would you put bullshit in such amazing work?

P: Because honey, its not a "book". It's a device. No one but the enlightened one will know what is right and what is wrong in it.

D:We need you to help us predict.

P: And take away the basic reason of the cause? Interfere with Nature? Restrict the Randomness?

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