Monday, July 29, 2013

The "blue" sky

Monday Morning Story of a five figure salaried guy.

It can sound funny to some, but Monday blues can be extremely depressing. you wake up in your apartment alone , you immediately realize this week is going to be extremely rough. Then you get out of bed with a long face , skip your breakfast because you give a damn. By this time it's a very good probability that you have received a very depressing work related call or you have received an errand.  You are scratching your tasks on a sheet of paper before you brush your teeth. You waste an hour scanning through a newspaper, looking at kitchen twice and thrice trying to motivate yourself for a breakfast but Meh !

You ignore the tear drop which falls while you are driving to office. You dont know where it came from . You don't have time to think about it. 

You reach office, you don't come to know how the next Sunday arrives.

Monday Morning of guy who lives with his Parents. 

Curtains drawn, you wake up to the beautiful sunlight. Before you realize what is happening, you have your Mom and your Dad hugging you tight and wishing you good morning. You haven't grasped the happiness of the moment before you are surprised with a cup of earl grey tea, served proper English style by your maid. House fills with laughter and surprise. 

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