Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Unequal House

One critical aspect of Mumbai rape is that henceforth everyone will think twice before sending their daughter to an unconventional field like Photography, Journalism or NGO's.
A normal Indian woman leads her life in the prison consisting of Home-Office-Car-Mall/Restaurant. It's almost that this girl was punished was for breaking this cage. Almost every woman I know accepts this cage as her free world.
It kills me to write this but I feel that if you are born as an Indian Man you live in a totally different nation which has more freedom. I wouldn't think twice before walking inside that abandoned Mill to do some photography. I could right now at 2 AM drive to India Gate and take a walk. I could catch the next local bus to an unknown village in Himachal. 
Why is it that I am petrified to even think about my sister doing the same?
When will we start living in the same country? 
When will we be equals??

#WhatDoesItTake #Why #HowFar

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