Monday, December 2, 2013

Unfinished Symphony

Talking about unfinished stories, I am afraid I am becoming almost a Ninja at it. Everything I scribble, I leave it unfinished. Since I've met you and your unfinished story kept the memories so vivid in my mind, Ive wondered if I should even try to finish anything I write? Every moment which has an unfinished story, I remember everything about it.
It's because a lot times Ive wanted to go back that to that moment and ask what happens next. My mind doesn't let go of it.
Are we not, You and I.....Unfinished stories? Everybody around us, are unfinished stories. That is precisely why its beautiful, this concept, it leaves uncertainty in the air.It's life.
Completed stories are like dead corpses, their story has ended.
Is it this romance I have with the unfinished which stops me from finishing what I write?
Perhaps it does.

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