Monday, December 1, 2014

5 Awesome things about Airtravel : which go unnoticed

Magic, if performed very frequently, often becomes a norm. Flying is one such thing. I decided to share some magical, wonderful things about flying in an aircraft. It's a pity that most of us just take this for granted......

1. The size of the aircraft. 

The sheer size of this entity amazes me. The fuel tanker, the luggage of the passengers, everything is dwarfed by this colossal entity. It feels like a miracle that such a thing can even crawl a few meters, let alone fly to Japan !


2. The observation deck. 

There have been moments when I would go sit on the observation deck at the Udaipur Airport. It's a place where a very strong sensation of Joy takes over, completely.

Perhaps the source of the blissful experience,  is the comfort drawn from ceaseless takeoff's and landings of aircrafts.

Pro Tip:
  1.  Observation decks  are an amazing place for a date!  
  2. Try planning your next trip while sitting in an observation deck. You will be surpried at the difference it makes.
  3. Gazing at the aircrafts flying is a great way to introspect and solve the problems which weigh you down
3. The Takeoff

Few other instances exist in life are more releasing, than the 10 seconds of the liftoff.

Just in a few seconds, your entire world of mountains and mighty rivers, is reduced to a mere scratch on the surface of the earth. 

What does it teach you? 

The enormous power of the aircraft can inspire us to imagine: that perhaps one day we too, may prevail over everything which seem to loom over us right now. 

These few seconds can cause dramatic shifts in our lives

Pun Intended


It's a pity that no one seems to think that it is AWESOME and AMAZING that somewhere above an ocean,  we are flying over little candy floss islands of clouds.

These islands would make a perfect seats for angels or even God himself if what you were seeing was a renaissance painting. I can only imagine what would be the reaction of Da Vinci, Poussin and Rapheal if the cabin crew announced

"Ladies and Gentlemen, now we are now flying over clouds"

Things would go crazy on board, for sure. 

5. The Wait

Next time you are stuck on an airport waiting for your flight, stop cursing everything around you. 
Imagine a sailor from ancient times on his way to explore the world, and his journey is disrupted by a wild current. He waits, but he doesn't crib. 

The wait can be beautiful.
Some people, just can't wait !!

Like the wait to land on a new location. A place where no one knows your name and every time you observe something it will be a new experience. Nothing excites me more or gives me goosebumps more than the wait just before the landing. 

And the wait for a loved one arriving? It's perhaps the most beautiful wait anyone can have. 


What are the little things you experienced on your flights?? We would love to know and feature your thoughts here..

Meanwhile, here's the greatest tip of them all

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