Monday, August 17, 2015

Twitter Experiments: Real Time Amateur Pics vs HD Professional Pics

Crux:I shared 1200 top rated pics with the tags #InstaPassport and #Travel from Instagram on my twitter, and the response is that while no of favorites have gone up significantly, we had a marginal fall in engagement.
People want to "like" pictures and leave, but not share it


Objective: Idea was to share picture cards of real images shared by travelers which have already done well on instagram.

Will the real travel images do better than wallpaper kinds HD we normally share?

Are people ready to retweet images?


1200 top rated pics from the hashtags #Instapassport and #Travel on instagram were shared as picture tweets on twitter wall.

Time period: 7 days

Audience: I have about 763 followers, out of which almost 70% followers are related to the travel domain.



  1. Engagement rates have fallen down over this period from 1% to 0.6%
  2. No of favorites on an average have increased from 18 per day to 41. (Number of tweets had also increased significantly, thus the number of favorites was expected to increase.)

Key Reading:

While people acknowledge photos from travelers, number of retweets remained the same. People do not want to "Share" the pics, they want to just "like" it and leave

Next Step
Now that some pattern for traveler pics is here, I will be sharing HD pictures from
sources like reddit Earth porn, National geographic and 500px. Aim will be to see impact of professional HD images on the audience..

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