Monday, June 20, 2016

When amazing weather takes over and you have a drizzle holding hands with it , it is almost impossible for me to not step out and give a slight bow to this incredible couple. Also, as I stand alone on the rooftop with my headphones on (with no music playing) , I realised most of the people who stepped on the terrace did so to have a smoke or gossip. Now this is something they will do tomorrow as well when it's 48 degrees , and the incredible couple has left us. The guy who serves coffee however is standing alone , gazing onto the oblivion , giving a shit about his impeccable black uniform. These are the kind of people I am talking about , who do not stand by the moment in their escapism , they stand and they absorb. I don't think there is a way to measure , but they surely do get nearer to something divine. #Rains #Rooftops #Reverie #quixoticquagmires #nature #gurgaondiaries

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