Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And the sun.....it shines !!

Recently got the "Sunshine" Award from Miles of Style,One the most insanely awesome fashion blogs around.And perhaps the only one with brains!! Judging by way Persis has been literally pushing the lazy blogger in me to keep writing my blog by her ever encouraging comments, I think it's a bit too generous on her part to have given me the honor.I stand Humbled on the prestigious platform.

As for the Sunshine Award, The funda goes like this, i can now pass it on to 12 other bloggers, but i guess i'll take my time for all 12,But here are a few i will like to forward the award to

Curses and Verses is a blog about you and me.It's about what one feels everyday,but The entries capture the "complex" simplicities of everyday life and breath magic into it.Although the entries are sporadic, I wait for it all da time.This,is my favorite blog.

This one brings the much needed insanity to the platter.Written in a refreshingly different manner, Author brings out the best with her humor and deep sensitivity.Check out the epic like long poems here :P

From the Supremely Talented and Frighteningly Humble Rohini Singh, Solitude Sublime  is one blog which is an implosion. It take you to your own inner world. Brutally Honest, Straight from the heart in a sense which is almost naive & magical. Solitude Sublime is a blog which generates an eerie supernatural silence around you when you  read it. This blog inspires the knight. So much so that I ended up making a song out of one of the entries on the blog. This blog deserves Sunshine Award and all others out there :)

Khanabadosh means a vagabond.I think he is a maverick. This is perhaps the most original blogs you'll ever come across. Kartik is like a Knight Templar with his Nikon as his sword out to unleash the secrets of the world. It's an honor to pass this award to KHANABADOSH. A close friend, this man is as close to genius as it gets :) 

There are blogs which challenge your thinking, There are blog which change the way you look at certain aspects. There are blogs which convey a certain message. Lo0p-Wh0lE is a blog which I suspect is out there to change the world. Here is a guy who on his enfield is out there in Himalayas to conquer it. He does things which you, your dad, your neighbour, you bike and alter ego always wanted to do. He does that and then goes on to do more awesome stuff. Doesn't stop.
One beautiful thing about this blog is that he writes a lot of his entries in HINDI. आज ऐसे बहुत कम लोग है जो स्पष्ट हिंदी में अपने आप को व्यक्त करने की क्षमता रखते है......ये मेरा सौभाग्य है की मैं ये ख़िताब तरुण को दे सका 


Tarun Goel said...

Thank you mathur sahab.I am glad that you tagged me, soon I will do the needful.
P.S.: My net is still fucked up

KS said...

bhai tinku cheers...will spread it in due time...
funda mast hai but... nahi wah!!


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