Monday, January 9, 2012

On Happiness

Lying on the backseat of the car on the 4000 Kms Road Trip to goa I had promised to myself that Ill write an entry for every mood I experience.I was looking at sun through the leaves of trees passing by.

I wrote for Anger. Most of the entries represent despair anyways on Quixotic Quagmires

Today the Quixotic Knight writes about HAPPINESS. Pure Infinite Happiness.

I feel a happiness which I am basically too humble to describe.I want to take every last penny Ive earned in my life and then rob all the money i can and buy Firecrackers out of it and Lite up the fuking sky. I want to hold everyone I know and their neighbour and their Dog and THeir car and just fuking Cry.

I want to Run

I want to be alone and crouch in a corner and try to convince myself that I am allright.

Its as if I am living in the fast forward version of my life's movie. I am doing everything at thrice the speed.

I want to scream.

I want to and already am making a fool of myself.

I am honest with myself.

My mind my body and my soul are one right Now. Which is something which never happens. My soul longs for a freedom all the time and Mind keeps thinking all the time. Crazy stuff at that.

My soul is my body now and I feel free.

My fingertips are so cold that they are killing me, My feet are throbing so hard I think they'll come out of my socks like MothaFukin Superman on Asteriod Maaan

There's a silence around me.

I am giving a smile which makes my face change and I see a stranger in the mirror.

I'm trembling

And I am crying

Ice Cold Tears.


Rohini said...
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Rohini said...

Speechless... it rises in you.. builds up, reaches the brim and then suddenly you let go of it... stunning!

mohitparikh said...

Touches the reader

Ketan Patil said...


Prateek said...


I was reading through your GSD post the other day and was intrigued.

I came back to read it and you had it deleted from the blog.

Can I read through it somewhere else ? You can also send across the post to me in an email.

quixotic.knight said...

Hi Prateek, You almost gave me a heart attack telling me that GSD was deleted..........Its very much there,
here's the link to it

I dont have your email id

quixotic.knight said...

quixotic.knight said...

@Rohini, Mohit, Ketan: Thanks a lot guys.... Means a lot


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