Friday, April 20, 2012


Excerpts from the novel.

Excerpt from the Prof's speech in the court.
"Crying is such a luxury. If you are crying and there is someone around to take notice, you are lucky. You are being pampered. Soldiers don't stop and cry. I am in the labor camp. I have to work so hard that by the time I get back to cell I am so tired that I just collapse and sleep. There is no energy left to cry about stuff.

As a kid if I dropped a tear it was such a chaos everyone would start running around trying to just do something or get something which would make me happy. My father would start shouting, the desperation of everyone to make me stop crying was so amazing.I was a prince. I was pampered. On my way to court I passed through the slum and I saw slum kids, most of them were crying. No one gave a shit about it. They just can't afford this luxury.

And crying alone is such an idiotic activity anyway. How does it matter to crib and cry when there is no one to help you out? To cry when no one is there who can help you? And you are not helping yourself either by doing that.

And you people cry on death?? That's the most imbecile thing you can do. Death is not something to be grieved about. To be scared of. Birth in fact, is something one should fear and cry about. Everything you achieved and learnt in past life becomes nil and you start from scratch. What the fuk? Death unites you with the other half of yours, and you return to where you came from. To unity.
It's fine if one laughs or smiles alone though. It really helps you. Laughing somehow is more amusing than crying anyways.

Point of this conversation my friends is,to re-iterate the point which the great JOKER made years ago. To ask once again the perennial question which he asked




S said...

This filled me with a lot of emotions. A lot said in some words . Lovely post !

Rohu said...

:) The genius talks less but he always talks genius..


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