Friday, August 30, 2013

Mystical Mammoths in the Mansion

I have never advocated for religion to be a part of politics in anyway. It's when politics become a part of religion when things touch the live wire. I was watching the debate on #BarkhaDutt 's Show and it was surprising to see that politicians simply refuse to acknowledge the fact that religion is a motivation factor for terrorists. The only guy to stand ground was Subramanian Swamy. In fact, Mani Shankar Aiyar even refused to acknowledge existence of Indian Mujahideen,calling it "mystical". He repeatedly kept talking about how army and intelligence agencies were callous and "innocent" muslim youth is being targeted. This was his response to arrest of #yasinbhatkal !! 

Just because election is round the corner you will start giving demotivating comments about intelligence agencies? Intelligence agencies and Army deserve a pat on the back from everyone. How is it that these politicians in the guise of supporting minority end up question the basic intelligence of an Indian Muslim? Does an average Muslim not know that Yasin Bhatkal is a terrorist? Does an average Muslim deny the existence of organizations like IM? It's similar to me being a Hindu and denying the existence of Hardline Hindu extremists. Do we do that? 


These politicians are trying to create a rift between us with asinine comments. 

If policymakers dealing with the chaotic problem of terrorism refuse to even acknowledge the very cause of the problem, solution can never reached.

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