Saturday, August 31, 2013

Noodle Noose

Delhi Rape case first verdict will be out anytime now. Accused is a juvenile and maximum possible sentence he can get for his heinous crime is 3 years. In a matter of hours facebook walls, news, TV is going to get a flood of messages saying we need to hang these culprits. 

Hanging is being advocated with the point that it will install fear in other prospective criminals. I say even if all these five accused were hanged tonight it wouldn't make a difference. Crimes will diminish when people have fear of law in general. Ground reality is that we are reminded how fickle the law is on everyday basis. The powerful and the rich are able to twist and use the law as they please. And "God" Forbid if you have a public support then you have a sort of a "immunity". It's because no political party will dare to mess with its potential vote bank. 

People need to realize the supremacy of the law of the land. That is what we need to demand. We need to demand dignity of an individual. We need to draw lines on how far one would go to achieve one's aim. How far would the governments go to reserve their votes?

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